Girl of 6 snatched from bath

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tom_Thumb, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Remeber the one in essex where the young girl said she was sexually assaulted by a young black male. Police were panned for investigating it.
  2. Is LJH a Geordie?
  3. Maybe he moved - been quite on the boards since Christmas Eve.......
  4. My thoughts precisely. The bogeyman doesn't exist and most murders/serious assaults are by people close to their victims. If a crime has actually occurred then perhaps they need to avoid the temptation to look for a random stranger who snatches kids through their own bathroom window. It's a licence for tabloid sensationalist headlines that's for sure.

  5. where the fook was the mother......leaving a six year old in the bath on her own..fecking beggars belief
  6. When was the Essex assault? I need to go to the news archives to keep up.

    PD, we were discussing the exact same thing at my house an hour ago. Sexual assaults are mostly by immediate family members or friends, not the proverbial Bushy-Haired Stranger. Even more so for children. Something about this case is wrong and I am interested to find out what emerges.
    It's a pretty good overall view of what happened.
  9. Heard about three versions of this. First version was that the little girl was in the bath - in the house - on her own and said man sneaked through the back door. Last version was that the mum and her female partner was in the house; the six year old was in the bath with her eighteen month old brother. Woman's partner had taken the boy out the bath and was drying him in the room next door. Mum was downstairs in the living, and then the man sneaked in. Either way.... the poor thing was found by another family naked and crying outside in a back-alley in this weather which is bad enough but can't help feeling that there's more to the story.
  10. The point being that there is something not quite right about strangers abducting kids from bathrooms and leaving them in the street. Essex police believed the kid who said she'd been assaulted and devoted a whole MIT (Major Investigation Team) to it. After a huge amount of man hours and public appeals, it came down to the fact that she said what had happened had, but the medical and witness evidence did not concur. You then go back to the family .........

    In this case, we can only go by what is stated in the media and it doesn't add up on the evidence to hand. It may be that is what happened but it's highly unusual.
  11. Here's an update on this story that I found...

    Girl Describes Abductor

    I don't know anything about the geography of this area, nor am I clear about how long she was missing from the house. Anyone have any idea how extensive an area she would have covered, based on the areas she's pointing out? Would they be looking for someone in a car now, rather than on foot?

    I'm just wondering what the margin of error is for a frightened six-year-old. This is still hinky to me somehow. I have no doubt that she was assaulted but something about the route or the description of the stranger is still odd to me.

    I agree with's not impossible that a predatory stranger watched her long enough to figure out A) where the bath was, B) when she was alone and unguarded, and C) how to get in and out of the house with a terrified child without being seen. It just seems unlikely.
  12. "Girl of 6 snatched from bath"

    By 54sqnrct
  13. Geographically, the abduction took place in the Willington Quay area, which is some 4 miles east of Newcastle. She was then taken and driven about two miles west to the Wallsend area.

    Hope they catch the TW*T and put his face on a bacon slicer at mimimum setting whilst inserting a rabid whippet up his bottom. SCUM

    Rant Over