Girl kidnapped in Portugal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Books, May 5, 2007.

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  1. from telegraph online:
    She added: "Gerry and Kate are excellent parents and very protective of their children. In hindsight, yes, they wish they hadn't left them alone, but it's hard when you're on holiday.

    "The complex was quite open and it looked like anyone could wander in or out."

    I do sympathise with these parents i cannot imagine what they going through at the moment but, Mrs books and i were chatting and both agreed that no matter what we would not leave our little books ( 9yrs & 8 months) alone to go out for a meal no matter how close it was to our room / apartment. and the reason we go on hoilday with the kids is to be with them.

    I hope they find this little one safe and well.

    Your Views ?
  2. Its a hard one to answer being a father of three (17 year old, 12 year old, 7 year old) I have been on lots of similar situations. There has been the occassional time in the past that after a full day out with the kids we have nipped down stairs for a quick half hour bite to eat. But had one of the older kids to keep an eye on the younger ones. I understand what your saying about holidays for kids aswell but you also need time for batteries to unwind especially with younger kids. I hope everything turns out ok and they find the youngster but to be brutally honest I think she has been targetted and would not like to be in her parents position. What has this world turned into?
  3. Don't have children but I do know that my parents never left us alone when we were that age. They made that sacrifice. I know that parents need time to unwind but you make adequate arrangements to make sure that your children are supervised all the time, especially at that age. Saying that I hope that that little girl is returned safely.
  4. Have no children either but myseld and Mrs Easy have discussed as and when we do we certainly wouldn't leave them alone unsupervised regardless of how close we are. I understand from the news that the resort had BOTH Creche and Baby sitting service neither of which the family took.
  5. Mrs Bagster and I have a two year old son who we took on holiday last year and we never let him out of our sight. If he was tired when we were out, he nodded off in his stroller, if he was too moody, we'd eat early and then make sure there was booze in the fridge and then put him to bed, watch the sun go down and get shiters on the balcony. It never crossed our minds to leave him in the apartment on his own. It's not as if they were just downstairs or next door, they were 200 yds away FFS!
    I'm not going to slag them off, as I'm sure they're punishing themselves enough, but I do think they're wrong trying to pass the buck onto the Portuguese Police, when, IMO, they only need look in the mirror if they need someone to blame.
  6. I am reticent to make this point but I get the feeling that if the parents in question where not professional people (doctors :roll: ) the press coverage would be less sympathetic.

  7. Fcuking hell, that makes it worse!!!!! They had the brains to know better!!!!
  8. Yes, i understand about winding down, might even get to do that at some point in the future. The resort itself offers a dine out option where you get the kids ready for bed and take them to the kids club and pick them up when you finished.
  9. Having an older kid was easier for me and meant that over the last four years or so he was responsible enough to keep an eye on the younger ones. A quick phone on the mobile and I would be upstairs in two minutes. I would of never left a three year old alone though but only the parents can fully understand what they did. I cant see what the difference of the parents jobs make though, probably those parents who have full time proffessional jobs normally have child minders back at home. This way some are far more hands off with their kids than say for instance a single parent who has the child all day long. Havent heard any latest on this for a while.
  10. i've got 3 kids and i really feel for these parents,i'm sure with the benefit of hindsight they regret leaving them.
    But how many hotels and resorts now have a 'babysitting' service which consists of a baby monitor next to a receptionist! Encouraging parents to leave children asleep in their rooms alone,while they have dinner in a restaurant!
    I do feel this child was targetted,and the parents were watched to be sure they weren't in the room with her! And please if there IS a god,bring her home safe and unharmed!
  11. Without wishing to cause extra distress, this backs up what my understanding has always been in cases of child abduction
    That is a dreadful state of affairs. I put it here to emphasise that extreme care is needed.
  12. I think it is time to stop pussy footing around , the parents were totally irresponsible and should be charge with negligence . we had a large family and they took priority , either they went with us or we didn't go if we couldn't arrange a baby sitter.
    If they really are doctors would you trust them???
  13. I agree. And no I wouldn't.

  14. Would we have left our children alone?

    Have there been times when Mrs A and I ate alone because one of us sat with our children?
  15. These are the kind of people who have a say in the matter of child abuse and they can't even look after their own child. Surely this comes under neglect. They have my sympathy for their suffering, but I can't forgive them for thinking about themselves first FFS they could have had an early dinner or room service.
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