I'm a 27 year old female and thinkng of joining up as a gunner.
Can anybody give me some info on the job & how tough it really is?
It sounds like one of the more 'demanding' jobs.... am i right? And are there many girl gunners in the army?

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The job can be fairly demanding as part of a gun crew, & also fairly demanding when roled as infantry

If choosing a command post assistant type job, its more like working in a dirty all night office.

a good number of girls become officers
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Plenty of female Gunners - what do you want to do? Many, many trades in the gunners, or are you considering Officer entry?

27 is approaching the top entry age limit (30 something), so be prepared to be pitched against whipper snapper 17 and 18 year olds, or 21 year olds if officer. More strain on the joints etc (he says as his knees crack again and his hip pops getting out of the chair...)
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