Girl age 6 """passes""" GCSE maths

Anything that's not a 'U' grade is technically a pass from what I remember from when I did my GCSEs. We just consider A* to C to be passes and anything below to be a fail when it's not really.
So they are too easy.
What with a record rise in exams results for the 25th year on the trot? Shame on you for thinking that

If the government, AQA, Edexcel, et al keep harping on about the rising standards of students, then next year, let them sit the paper from 1986 (Notwithstanding Business, Computing and other subjects which have changed considerably over ther years) and see how many 16 yr old XBox geeks make the grade.
Computer Studies certainly did. Had to learn about punched tape and disk drives were the hottest piece of tech around at the time

Besides, 1987 was the last year of O levels and the beginning of the new age of GCSEs. Or as we called them, "CSEs"
Yep, did a mixture of O Levels (sat in 1987, a year early) and GCSEs (in 1988). All proper subjects, though, including separate sciences, two modern & one ancient languages. The only one which was a bit dubious was RK & I got a C for not being PC enough.

Business studies was seen as the subject taken by the less academic boys (like Classical Civilisation at A Level), although the Mistress did have a fabulous pair of knockers so the would be Gordon Geckos were probably onto something. I just perved over my 6' blonde Latin mistress...
Did business, computing & other non-subjects exist in those days? I've always been suspicious of anything with the word "studies" in the title...
Computing did. I left School, OK left is a loose term, more like actively encouraged to persue my early Army career, howerver I digress, in 1985 and they were doing it then. Although I believe it extended as much as being able to make flashing and scrolling swear words appear on the screen to make an A*

My local school (which the Cav Jnr will be attending in just over a week. He he!) is a 'Specialist Sports College' and places a high emphasis on their success on, yep you guessed it, GCSE Physical Education. :roll:

CP, I have a friend who's sending their eldest to your Alma Mater next month, any tips I should pass on? Apart for the obvious about buggery behind the chapel
CP, I have a friend who's sending their eldest to your Alma Mater next month, any tips I should pass on? Apart for the obvious about buggery behind the chapel
When did I give that away? It's so long since I left the place is unrecognisable. You could try asking the person who tells you to ask your PSI, but he was only a year or so behind me.

Buggery behind the chapel would have been a bit of a challenge as it's on the first floor...

It rather saddens me that unless MasterPlume turns into a child prodigy & wins a big time scholarship I will probably be the last in the line of Plumes to go there. My background is fairly humble & when growing up the fees there & at the Girls' school up the road were modest enough for a Government Civil Engineer & a housewife to put two children through with a few sacrifices.

Now the place has absolute luxury in terms of facilities (think "Clockwise" where the black-catting headmaster is boasting about how he hopes to have the school mosque open in time for Ramadan) but up to a point has become another identikit public school. Sad, really.

BTW The Horse & Jockey is now shut so no point advising that that was a Boys' rather than Masters' pub & not sure if the front bar of the Punchbowl is still reserved for Masters & the back for Boys :wink:

The Abbey grounds used to be a good alternative to the park to sneak out for a fag until a particularly unpopular and officious Head Boy took to patrolling down there in his car. Still wish I'd dobbed him & his cronies in for breaking into the VIth form common room tuck shop...
I got GCE 'O' level maths grade B at the age of 16. I wouldn't have had a chance of passing grade E at 6.

Those who say how crap grade E is, Naturally you'll all be happy to post your grades. :wink:

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