Girl age 6 """passes""" GCSE maths

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Count Baton, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. A girl from London has "passed" a GCSE at the age of 6.

    BBC News - GCSE results: Deborah Thorpe, aged six, passes maths

    Deborah Thorpe has passed her GCSE with an E this year.

    Only one slight problem: a pass is a C or above.

    So the BBC have avidly reported the failings of a 6 year old, wonderful!

    The article is a load of c**P.
  2. Anything that's not a 'U' grade is technically a pass from what I remember from when I did my GCSEs. We just consider A* to C to be passes and anything below to be a fail when it's not really.
  3. So they are too easy.
  4. There's nothing wrong with easy 6 year old girls!
  5. Having an E grade GCSE in maths is worse than not having a GCSE in maths.
  6. Full credit to the girl, but I wonder what % you need for an E pass?
    Turn up and spell your name right?
  7. Not breaking the top off the pencil will suffice.
  8. I think that for an E grade, you only need to get half of your name correct!
  9. No, I thought handing the paper in afterwards having not been dribbled on a chewed up constitutes an 'E' grade.
  10. 40% equates to an E apparently!
  11. What with a record rise in exams results for the 25th year on the trot? Shame on you for thinking that

    If the government, AQA, Edexcel, et al keep harping on about the rising standards of students, then next year, let them sit the paper from 1986 (Notwithstanding Business, Computing and other subjects which have changed considerably over ther years) and see how many 16 yr old XBox geeks make the grade.
  12. Did business, computing & other non-subjects exist in those days? I've always been suspicious of anything with the word "studies" in the title...
  13. Computer Studies certainly did. Had to learn about punched tape and disk drives were the hottest piece of tech around at the time

    Besides, 1987 was the last year of O levels and the beginning of the new age of GCSEs. Or as we called them, "CSEs"
  14. If she'd managed to spell her name correctly she would would have got an A*+ with distinction.
  15. Yep, did a mixture of O Levels (sat in 1987, a year early) and GCSEs (in 1988). All proper subjects, though, including separate sciences, two modern & one ancient languages. The only one which was a bit dubious was RK & I got a C for not being PC enough.

    Business studies was seen as the subject taken by the less academic boys (like Classical Civilisation at A Level), although the Mistress did have a fabulous pair of knockers so the would be Gordon Geckos were probably onto something. I just perved over my 6' blonde Latin mistress...