Girl, 14 - raped by 9 schoolboys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gobby, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Oh for the good old days when they would all have swung for this act of depravity...
  2. Read about this in the paper last week. Worst part for me was that apparently before she was dragged off a second time, some woman out walking her dog stopped and asked her if she was OK- and despite being told no, and what was apparently a rather obvious situation, she walked off and did fcuk all. Shameful.

  3. This is totally appalling. I'm shocked and I am definitely disgusted what have happened to this young girl
  4. give me their names and addresses and i will burn them out of their homes, fortunately with them still in it
  5. Birch ém, then hang em, then birch em again.

    We need to remove these scum from the genepool.

    If there is one thing the death penalty is good for is getting rid of the extreme cases...

    What were the sentances? When will these scum be back on the streets?
  6. Their names have been published (well seven of them have):

  7. At first I thought "hang them",but that is far too good for these scum.

    I propose they be boiled slowly in public.
  8. Denton appears to be on facebook.
  9. Give them luxury cells with plasma screen tvs, playstations, dvds and plenty of warm food where they can be shown the error of their ways........................................well at least my suggestion is more likely to happen than any actual punishment! :x
  10. The fact that they all have access to the evils of the internet is it any surprise. The 1 man 1 cup thread in the NAAFI no doubt has been watched by thousands of children up and down the country, many of whom have no parental guidance, no moral role model (50 Cents and 2Pac don't count) and are growing up in an age when nothing shocks. The future is far bleaker than what any of us can imagine.

    I hope the young girl recieves all the support she needs, bless her.

  11. Apparently so did the nine school boys. :D

    'Lowry'...or should I say Chubb, do us all a favour? Fuck off and die.
  12. This reminds me of an incident which took place only last week.I was walking to town and spotted an elderly lady getting a beating from 4 hoodies,My Army training kicked in and I thought fcuk that I immediately threw my coat off and dashed over

    And the five of us give gran a kicking she will never forget.
  13. How about a compromise? We hang them up by gonads and leave them to starve/dehydrate to death or if they're lucky it can't take the strain and they get an injury that finishes them off a bit more quickly.