Gipping .. at last a use for Bacon Rind ??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by NorthSeaTiger, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Bored to tears and just having a chat in our so called Lounge with a bunch of guys who were skiving off and after solving all the Political problems of Britain (and Rooney's foot injury !!) over a cup of tea and a biscuit the conversation turned to Sex as the tv came alive with porn, in fact the conversation ended up with us describing the most debauched acts we have committed with our Wives/Girlfriends/bits on the side. One lad (funnily enough an ex Squaddie) came up with the subject of Gipping at which he received a roomful of inquiring looks ...

    Gipping apparently involves a willing woman, some Bacon Rind and a piece of string. The Rind is wrapped in the string which is then swallowed by the woman who is then "energetically made love to" until the vinegar stroke is reached, at this point the string is then yanked out resulting in the woman going into all sorts of muscle spasms, this according to the ex squaddie "Makes her look like she's doing the funky chicken but feels fcuking fantastic"

    I am quite willing to believe this.

    But I am totally confused as to how he got a woman to agree to this, and as he is off on the early flight tomorrow I wont catch him to ask.

    Anyone heard of this or is he bulls**ting ??
  2. Yes, i've heard of it. Although the same effect can be achieved with a woman putting her fingers down her throat and convulsing as she tries to be sick, at the same time as the man is reaching the vinegar strokes.

    Hence i thought that the term was gagging. Gipping however still fits the bill.
  3. Is there a vegetarian alternative to bacon rind ?

    One of the blokes I'm currently working with experiences the 'ladies' gagging and wretching every time he's on the nest ... although I'm sure this has something to do with his dog-breath and a head like a blind cobblers thumb ?
  4. auto asphyxiation!

    Do her from behind whilst strangling her, the wearing of hold up stockings and high heals is optional, ive gone threw 16 girls this year and to be honest am running out of place to hide the bodies :twisted:
  5. If you want to really drive them crazy, do it to an Islamic or Jewish girl, but don't tell them it's bacon rind until you finish.
  6. This business with the baconrind is more commonly known as "Wolfbagging".
  7. And very common with poofs are you sure he's not Ex-3 para mortors? don't share a shower with him :lol:
  8. Quorn do a bacon look alike, but no rind. I can't see it doing the same job, however I'm sure that pulling a piece of knotted string back up is going to be traumatic enough.
  9. I've heard the matelots do something similar as a hangover cure in the morning, though I suspect that there's actually more to it than that.
  10. That is the term I am used to for said act. Maybe 'gipping' is the expression for using slivers of Bacon Grill as opposed to bacon rind.
    Although I can't help but wonder why such an act is necessary. I mean can't the good old fashioned 'trombone' or 'Blumpkin' satisfy these peoples needs?
  11. Are the stockings and high heels for you or your victim/lover, it must be difficult to get hold of size 11 high heels!
  12. Or even tea-bagging! People these days are so uncreative! :lol:
  13. There was a old matelot 'cure' for seasickness that involved dangling a bit of cold bacon rind tied to a length of sisal (hairy string) down the throat of the affected person. Wouldn't be surprised if that led to a bit of chummy sailor sex on some old frigate (or should that be with some old frigate!! :? )
  14. As I'm reading this, the question foremost in my mind is this:
    "Is the bacon rind integral to the trick? ......... or is it simply a matter of having to tie the string to something tasty to enable the accomplice to swallow the string?" Does anyone know if the string could be tied round, perhaps, a morsel of juicy steak? I emphasise that I, obviously, have not tried this out. 8O
  15. He was Ex Para's, and we should all be safe now as (1) all the cabins have individual showers (2) He has gone home !!