A few years ago I had a splenectomy and claimed through the afcs I want 2 leave the army now having served 10 years I had a payout at 11 could anyone tell me who much I would get with the Gip and is there another lump sum when u get it. Thanks
If you received a level 11 award then you will receive 30% GIP

Final salary x factor for age (the factor reduces as you get older) x 30% - this is tax free.

There may be some abatement for your pension.
(3)*Where a person is entitled to guaranteed income payment for any period during which the person is also entitled—

(a)to a payment, or to a pension which is not an ill-health pension paid for the same injury for which the guaranteed income payment is paid, then the amount of the guaranteed income payment is reduced by 75% of the amount of that pension or payment;

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