Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stvwardy, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. well im looking forward to joining up, but at my current place of employment, im getting "stick" about being a ginger in the army, not that it bothers me at all, im quite looking forward to the experience.

    anyone have anything interesting to say about the subject, the frequency. for example...

    also i hope i can have a laugh about it, be one of the lads, unfortunately, i look like prince harry, or so im told.
  3. best thing to do right now would be to top know it makes sense...

  4. gingers seem to get some stick , i was watching bad lads army the other night and....great quote....

    "move your @rse you fat fuc@in ginger B@stard" from provo sgt. weston

    im looking forward to hearing that.....

    and as for toppin myself....hmmmmm
  5. Strength my son. Names are fcuk all.
  6. Seeing a ginger lad in my training troop at ATR(B) get 4 x DKP2 emptied onto his head in the chamber with the shout "fuck me its ginger" was a highlight of training!

    Magic moments.....
  7. Don't worry about it. Make sure you're a professional soldier and it won't be too bad. A bit of stick is part of army life. Everyone gets their share, whether it's hair colour, skin colour, being butt-ugly, fat or para it's nothing personal (except the para bit). If you think it is just snot the tosser and people will learn not to f*%k with you. Churchill was a gwa and the greatest ever Englishman so it can't be all bad.
  8. I passed selection on the 26th of July, my corporal was ginger and I never heard him give or receive any stick about hair colour. The only time I heard him shout was when someone was being useless.

    So basically, as long as you're not crap at everything you won't get called "chris evans" or "dopey b*llocks" regardless of your hair colour.
  9. I prefer the term Rusty bollocks
  10. Getting stick, in your case lot's of gwar jokes is part of Army life. Best advice i can give is embrace it and laugh about it as it shows strength of character and never let anyone grind you down. But more so take on board what the other lads have said, work hard and be proffessional in everything you do and deep down people will have a lot of admiration for you.
  11. Stand by for being known as " ginge " or " foxpiss" for the rest of your career . Chin up fella !!!
  12. I prefer flaming pubes.
  13. one of the lads at my unit gets called bloodnut but not in a derogatory way, end of day as long as you dont bite you wont receive that much stick, if you bite you are fcuked as people will push you as far as they can.
  14. I fancy a gwar!

    Sarah Kendall, Aussie stand-up comic.

    GHSM or not, she is fecking gorgeous.