She's right tbh, the same folk that make disparaging observations and broad sweeping generalisations based on someone's hair colour are closet racists, bigots etc too :smile:
Oh FFS can't belong before the hash tags #PrinceHarry #GingerLivesMatter start
Gingers have souls (apparently).

It's a shame for gingers - although they are not the only marginalised people because of their hair. I started going grey when I was a teenager, and by the time I was 20, people used to call me Badger Boy, Richard Gere and many other demeaning names - still I'd rather be bald than be a ginger because at least bald and grey haired people have a soul.
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Gingerism is not discrimination. Been tried before, and failed.

Nowt wrong with gingers.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s gingers with blue eyes that are the mutants.
Really? How...patronising.

I was loath to post a story about a little girl in a thread featuring mainly naked ladies. But if thats what it reminds you of, so be it.
It did not start out that way.