• Oh yes.

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  • I am a girl and dance like a twat.

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Yes or no?

You fucking liars.
Married one. love em.
Had some girl from up the Rhondda who had a bit of a Gillian Anderson thing going on (complete with Ginger hair) pull me off on the dancefloor of the philharmonic in cardiff once, so I guess that's a yes from this callsign.
Ginger women withthat green eyed gaelic thing about them, definitely yes. All of them without exception batshit crazy, but I like it a bit risky..
Yes yes and yes again. But not all of them. That Bianca off East enders would have to buy me several beers before I consented.
Yup, yup and thrice yup.

Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE so I should probably be working....
Don, No. East enders is my only Televisual slumming. I will admit to staying on the sofa for that medical one that follows it. Holby City is it?
There have been a few nice gwars in Holby.
I would have to say yes, as normally if they have a fine pair of chesticles then the last thing I notice is hair colour, or even if they have a face.
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