Gingers-how do you feel?

Are you GINGER?

  • Are you upset at mockery

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  • Im dyeing it black now!!!

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  • It has destroyed my life

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  • Sod off and leave me alone

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  • Who you looking at????

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my pissh?????
I always thought it was more of a twiglet/bus stop sort of smell?
I like the smell, it gives me the horn!!
Listen minions, red hair is a regressive gene and we are becoming rarer by the generation - research has proved that men view redheads as having higher kudos and panache than your boring commonorgarden blondes and brunettes (sorry girls!) - which will only increase our value even more!

I love being a rooi kop - if I wasn't a real one, I'd have to fake it!

I just feel sorry for the rest of you - how utterly bored you must feel when you look in the mirror!

although, look how many of our darker haired comrades are too scared to grow long sidies or feel the need to shave even on their days off, because itll be ginger!!!!
I see someone has written into this months Soldier, complaining that they are being called 'gwa' and this amounts to verbal harrassment.

How about installing powerful sunlamps at the entrances to all barracks - that would give the red haired pale skinned freckly freaks something to complain about...
I can't help but laugh at the guy who wrote into Soldier complaining about being harassed as a GWA!!!

I've worked with many GWA's in my time and none of them smell. Much. :roll:
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