Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. This morning I was awoken at 6:45 by a three year old telling me she loved me. (its ok it was my daughter, not one out of the garage, I doubt they love me)

    It was the other halfs turn for a lie in so I was lumbered with getting up and sorting her out.

    07:05 she announces that she wants to make gingerbread men........ reluctantly and for a quiet life I ventured into the kitchen and conceded.

    What a scream, decorating biscuits with icing and sweeties... childrens imaginations are amazing.


    We made one with a big champ and another in a thong with Norks...

    I got to thinking, and out our very own 'Wheelchairwarrior' I've grown quite fond of him, so fashioned a biscuit for him


    The Frau isn't talking to me.......
  2. Nice one doh-nut.

    just a minute while clean the coffee from my screen!
  3. ditto lol!!!
  4. ROFL!!

    You need to make a little gingerbread speech bubble and put MMllllaaaarrrr!! on it :wink:
  5. I've finally stopped laughing enough to post. Fcuk me, if I had a heart condition I'd be long gone. :D
  6. Bleeding heck ! Its frightningly accurate, apart from the wedding tackle missing .PMSL at this and now have to get breakfast out my nose.
    keep up the good work MDN.
  7. Oh and ,er what do I taste like ? :D :D :D sweet or salty ??
  8. I did a Simon Weston one, but its still in the oven
  9. What about one of that woman who is now on a plinth in Trafalgar square?? Small legs, no arms and ugly as sin!!
  10. Can I suggest a Girl Guide-style gingerbread cookie fund raising venture, decorated by your own (possibly unclean) hand? I for one would pay top dollar for a box or two. Perhaps leash the little 'un into a bit of slave labour to meet the demand?
  11. Why not make a nine inch marzipan wanger?

    There can be nothing more a proud father wants than to see his toddler deep throating a large confectionery c0ck.

    Shortly before giving them the real deal.
  12. You could at least have produced some of your own icing for the biscuits. She'd have wolfed them down if they were coated in Daddy's special icing
  13. Nah, she spits.
  14. How's that Simon Weston one coming on?
  15. Do you reckon Weston likes pork crackling or does he just pull his fingernails out and scoff them?