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This morning I was awoken at 6:45 by a three year old telling me she loved me. (its ok it was my daughter, not one out of the garage, I doubt they love me)

It was the other halfs turn for a lie in so I was lumbered with getting up and sorting her out.

07:05 she announces that she wants to make gingerbread men........ reluctantly and for a quiet life I ventured into the kitchen and conceded.

What a scream, decorating biscuits with icing and sweeties... childrens imaginations are amazing.

We made one with a big champ and another in a thong with Norks...

I got to thinking, and out our very own 'Wheelchairwarrior' I've grown quite fond of him, so fashioned a biscuit for him

The Frau isn't talking to me.......
Bleeding heck ! Its frightningly accurate, apart from the wedding tackle missing .PMSL at this and now have to get breakfast out my nose.
keep up the good work MDN.
Can I suggest a Girl Guide-style gingerbread cookie fund raising venture, decorated by your own (possibly unclean) hand? I for one would pay top dollar for a box or two. Perhaps leash the little 'un into a bit of slave labour to meet the demand?
Why not make a nine inch marzipan wanger?

There can be nothing more a proud father wants than to see his toddler deep throating a large confectionery c0ck.

Shortly before giving them the real deal.

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