Ginger Shavings? WTF?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ExINASty, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. No, I haven't a clue either. I wonder if I've missed out a whole area of social interaction......

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  2. Where you in the back of Greggs when you took the piccie?
  3. Nope, a remote farm in north Dorset.
    It appears that the tubs may have come from a local biscuit factory, so there may be a simple explanation, rather than the mental image I originally had. Although I'll never look at Ginger Snaps the same again.
  4. nah, greggs blonde
  5. even the Australians have a use for their gingers.



    I'm Spartacus and so my wife
  6. A bit of further research shows that it is a product used in the food industry, and no longer available in the 25kgs size.
    Another illusion demolished.
  7. Gawd! for a minute there I thought it was about the trimmings from some GWARS's flange, and I broke into a cold sweat.
  8. It's little-known fact that gingahs are only allowed to survive because, once they are adults, their pubes are harvested with razors and the ginger shavings are used to make door mats.


    This also explains why this sort of doormat always smells funny.
  9. Tis feed for cattle, helps with milk yield, weight gain, provides protein. Actually shaving a Ginger, in fact actually touching a ginger is a bit vile