Ginger pride march in Scotland.

It's just another step towards full equality and a blow against the last socially acceptable form of racism.

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Nah we can still pick on the Septics, as I pointed out on my equality and diversity bollox.

As for redheads, I know its wrong but I cant help it.
You misunderstand me sir.

I've always found the old adage to be true "You may sleep with a blonde or brunette but a redhead will keep you up all night"
Agreeably accurate - I remember her well. Perfect body, too: just bloody insatiable. And a bit neurotic, but I forgave her for that.
On the subject of piss, I have found out that if I eat a tube of sour cream and onion pringles, my piss stinks of garlic.
Mine usually smells of sugar Puffs in the morning (I never touch the blighters either!)
Yeah so Ginger people should be proud! They receive some of the worst abuse around that wouldnt be exceptable for a black and asian person.
It wouldn't be acceptable either, the stinking ginger freaks

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What about a LGBT, black, Asian ginger?

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What about a vertically challenged, visually and aurally impaired LGBT, black, Asian, quadraplegic, clinically obese ginger with severe learning difficulties --- from Wales? FULL HOUSE!

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