Ginger pride march in Scotland.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jarrod248, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. I'd need an s6 and a full noddy suit to protect me from the stench of fox piss and twiglets!
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  2. Yeah but Ed Sheeren is lush
  3. Who?
    Was he on some reality show?


    Why is there a blonde bint on a ginger march? To thick to know what her own hair colour is?
  4. You're a very strange man Jarrod.
  5. Let my people go!
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  6. He's a singer. The blonde woman is a fox piss hag.
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  7. There, just for Kirkz and other ginger men lovers.
  8. Kirkz may also like this version.
  9. Could be a case of collar and cuffs!

    I married a ginger they are people just like us...Nearly.
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  10. Lightweight.......

    He isn't wearing leather chaps with his arse hanging out, although judging by previous posts, he'd be welcome to wear Jarrod.
  11. The dirty ginger cunts.
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  12. A ginger Bieber, the gates of Hell have opened!
  13. The rumors about squirrels are false... well mostly false.
  14. I've asked him out for dinner.