Ginger mates.

Everyone has one, but my question is are you ashamed of yours? personally I usually try to keep a few paces ahead whilst walking down the street with him, deny all knowledge of knowing him when he springs up in convo, and feel embaressed.

And the myth about gingers having that ginger smell is TRUE.



I believe that in most radical Muslim Fundamentalist countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran that Gingers are actually encouraged to walk in front of the rest of society to ensure safe passage for others ie detection of mines etc in lieu of women. The only exception to this is if the ginger happens to be female then they have dipped out.
Unfortunately, Australians knew nothing of the "ginger smell". They just took it as read that the smell was coming from somewhere other than their Mate! I have educate several of them into the nuances of detection over the past few months and they now understand! The Gwars are still fighting the fact that they smell but more and more people are moving that extra pace away from "the ginger" when involved in a conversation.


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Come on, what a stupid thread. Everyone knows gingers aren't real. Gingers are just a story that parents tell their kids to scare them, a bit like ogres, gremlins and black people.


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'Ginger Mate' is an oxymoron. Do a Google, snap to and get with the plot. Jesus.
No, it's quite true. Gingers infiltrated British society in King Arthur's day. Gwar-nevere covered her rich orange hue with mud and doused herself with honeysuckle to avoid detection. She then proceeded to found a line of Monarch-backed Gwars, then had it with Lancelot to extend her 'proud' lineage.

Ever since, all English Gwar's have claimed descendence from the greatest King of all time and so take it upon themselves to mince about, smelling of sugar puffs and generally disturbing an otherwise decent social structure.


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I do not have,I do not want,and I never will have a ginger mate.They stink of piss and cheat at cards!!!!!!
How do feel about a 6'4" blond Nordic Sex God? I can dye my hair if it'll make you happy. PM me, yah?


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How will dying your hair stop you stinking of piss and cheating at cards,just dying might work though!
Too late. I now know where you live and cheating at cards is not what I have in mind. Put on after shave and prepare for Rapture in 46 minutes you lucky boy.
They've been mingling with us for years. Henry "the bloody sodding" VIII was ginger wasn't he?
And his daughter Liz 1. Whilst she still had hair that is.
Well we aren't allowed to tell jokes about gays, mother in laws , blacks or asians as it's now against the law ,so let's pick on the redheads.

Hmmmm !

Talk about controlled dissent.
Ginger mates.

Seriously though... Shouldn't that be in the Jokes section?
Fuck off you Gingeist twats!

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