Ginger haired Jock admits to drink problem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Good. Let's get someone in with some fangs, and I don't mean Hughes.
  2. Give him a break. I dont personally like the Ginger Twit but fair play to him for admitting it. Im also am ex squaddie so I wont be holding my breath for you lot to feel the same as me. :)

  3. Who cares/ He's got as much chance of being PM as England have of winning the World Cup. On penalties. Against Germany.
  4. When I heard he was to make a statement I automatically assumed he'd be resigning. Instead he's come out fighting and has had the bottle to admit he likes the bottle. Good for him, I'd still not vote Lib Dem but I respect him for what he's done today
  5. Not of the yellow persuasion myself - not anymore at least - but brave to admit to the "illness". Good on him. Hope Hughes wins. Good man, Hughes.

    Gis 10p fer a cup a tea, mate, eh?
  6. Bollox, he's a washed up gwar jock soak just hoping for a big slice of the sympathy vote
  7. At least he had the guts to admit he HAD a problem not like the rest of them!
  8. Glad to see its also being spoken about as an "Illness" and that he is getting better a day at a time.


    Bill Wilsons boy.
  9. daz

    daz LE

    Well at least it explains his policies over the last few years, I wonder what he'll think of them when he sobers up :lol:


    Ps, hardly surprising news is it, his drink "problem" is one of the worse kept secrets in westminster
  10. My local MP, and about as much use as a chocolate teapot at a barbeque in the desert at noon in the summer.

    Lived here for 4 years and NEVER even seen him set foot in my town once.
  11. OMG... he has a drink problem :0
  12. He has now come out and called for a leadership debate. hey are all wringing their hands and patting him on the back. If the Lib Dems have any hope of holding office(fcuking hope not) he has to go. He LIED avout drinking, people have every right to wonder what else he would lie about.
  13. Charles Kennedy has asked for a leadership contest he was quoted as saying.............

    "Come on you Bashtards ya fcuking think ya can take me..............I fcukin love you...........lets get a kebab!"
  14. We all know boozers. Some are full-on gibber gibber falling down 24 hr Chegwins and these we seldom meet. Many, many others are "functional alcoholics" who can down 4 pts at lunch and work through till 6 then get their jollies on the train home and appear the morrow apparently sober. The thing with Kennedy is the extent of the problem. Was he the former (unlikely given the omnipresent examination of his private life) or the latter? Or is this an excuse - using hard drinking as a public explanation for his failure as the leader?