Ginger festival

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. He's lucky they didn't leave him in the desert as a sacrifice to the gods. Fcuking freak of nature.

    God forbid my birth control ever fails - it's a virtual certainty with the Tankie and I can't risk bringing one of those into the world.
  2. i know this is very very wrong, but have you seen the twins on there???
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    :hump: :hump: hell yes!!!!
  4. Note the caption to the image? :twisted: Someone's havin' a larf!
  5. I cant help it!! I like redheads :oops: as long as they're not ORANGE!!!! then I find them a hell of a turn on. :)
  6. This may be the gravest threat to humanity today. If they decide to club together and seize power we could be in trouble. If that happens of course, we could just move to countries where they have sunshine, and they will never be able to follow us.

    Can anyone else smells bus stops and broken biscuits?
  7. I agree, proper redheaded girls are the sexiest things on the planet.
  8. Jesus Christ !!!
  9. Me too! The whole anti-ginger fashion is a recent, media inspired load a bollix. Follow it sheep-like if you want guys, but red-headed birds are definitely the way forward especially if you like filthy, no-holds-barred fcuk-fests!

    Re bold:Buggrit- are you talking about their hair colour or their politico-religious peruasions? :wink:
  10. WHAT????? Ooooh, no! All that pale skin and freckles. Yuk. They don't smell right either.

    Rusty roof - damp and smelly basement!

  11. Quite the opposite I find. Unlike a lot of musty brunettes that I've had the displeasure of heading south with.

    Go red fellas - you'll never look back!

    (Just don't marry the moody, psychopathic ba stards!)

  12. An oldie but a goldie!

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  13. Yes I did and yes I would.

    Now why didn't we do the obvious thing and attack them while they were all in one place. Could of solved every problem known to man. War, Poverty, Racism, Natural Disasters.