Ginger and Proud

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Doesn't like being called Ginger? How about "Stinking GWAR Cunt"??
  2. How about 'You invisible eye-browed sun burn prone fucking rusty nail stinky anaemic invisible pasty cunt!'
  3. Anyone smell Twigglets?
  4. I spotted a ginger hair in my stubble a few months ago, I was so shocked I even made a thread about it somewhere. What should I do? Am I a closet ginge? Do I have the ginger gene? What if I have ginger kids?


  5. I was waiting for him to start licking the lense. apart from being a ginger, he looks like he has Downs too
  6. It won't make any difference to you on here. It's just as if you're an honorary gwar anyway you cunt. And even the gwar loving Cuddles hates you so that's a level lower than gingers.
  7. Some 'ginger mingers' are quite intellectual. Sniff it then muff it, bone it as well if you get the chance. However flee in the early hours if she lives in Islington and is remotely vegan.

  8. So now I've been promoted to the lofty heights of a 'ginger cunt' instead of a mere 'cunt'. To what honour do I owe thee?

    Cuddles loves me, he gives me top tips on style in that 'Look Dapper And Elegant' thread.


  9. That's rather specific RR, anything you want to get off your chest?* We won't tell anyone else.

    *apart from that clever vegan gwaaaaaar from Islington.

    Hey, it's an improvement on ugly cunt. Only just though...
    Cuddles is feeling sorry for you. What with you being ugly and ginger with no style, after all. :biggrin:
  10. Proud to be ginger?! Thats almost like saying American intelligent, it just can't happen!