Gingas really are mutants!

I've read masses in here putting the boot into gingas. But now there is real scientific proof that these creatures are just mutants. Ignore all the big words etc. you just need to know that it has been scientifically proven that they're not normal, which Arrsers knew all along. How smug do you feel now? The curse of the gingers – Pharyngula

"You see the problem: WHY DO GINGERS EVEN EXIST? It just seems to be a bad thing all around.
I can give you a couple of hypothetical reasons, though.

  1. Don’t assume that because a trait is deleterious it must be culled by natural selection. Red hair is not a serious detriment to survival; it could simply be that it persists as a part of a biochemical pathway that isn’t easily blocked, or that it’s disadvantages aren’t great enough to have led to its removal over time. Pheomelanin is all over the place among the vertebrates, though, so I suspect this isn’t the case; it seems to have some utility.
  2. Sexual selection. In birds in particular, pheomelanin is used as a marker for sex; you can’t get rid of it without losing bright, bold signals that males use to advertise their availability. Similarly, there’s nothing sexually unattractive about red hair in humans, and many people find it extremely attractive. Gillian Anderson and Ewan McGregor are good-looking people; their coloring helps distinguish them from others.
  3. And here’s another new idea: the pheomelanin pathway exists as a sink for excess cysteine."


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