Gina Miller

You try getting that to go any distance. I hit upon the idea of using the London Eye's supports as the frame (it even comes with a pivot, so money is saved), thats 67.5m tall.

The HARP guns are still in existence and one is maintained in a ready to fire condition in the US....... Tie her to a stake on a distant mountainside and we try pot shots at her with the HARP?
Are 'D' notices still enforceable?

The DSMA-Notice System is a means of providing advice and guidance to the media about defence and security information, the publication of which would be damaging to national security. The system is voluntary, it has no legal authority and the final responsibility for deciding whether or not to publish rests solely with the editor or publisher concerned.

Plenty of variables.

Your target number is 7,448km.

Damn... this trebuchetery is harder than it first looks!

That depends on your aim/goal. If your intention is to hit a specific spot/bullseye, then I would wholeheartedly agree. On the other hand, if your intention is to lob a projectile as high as possible to see the end result when said projectile is defeated by gravity, who gives a flying feck on your accuracy?