Funnily enough, I brought a bottle of BS back from Cyprus and simply cannot taste the difference between that and an 'own brand' label :(

Bombay Sapphire for the guests

And a nice Tanqueray No 10 secretly stowed away for yourself..... The Cloggies are pretty good at mind-relaxing substances, after all!!!!!!!

A former CO of 7RHA used to have 'gin and tonic' which was made from tonic and a slice of lemon. He found it put his guests at ease that he appeared to be drinking and his officers on their toes because they knew he wasn't.
Wishful_Thinking said:
Either Bombay Sapphire or this little number:

Absolutely gorgeous! Oh and another thing, I've tried other brands of tonic, eg own brand types, it always has to be Schweppes.
NO, schweppes has sweetners in it. Sainsbury's own brand is better. fevertree is better still.

Haven't managed to get the Fentimans tonic yet but I'm willing to bet that it's the best out.

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