Gimme the money back!

Heard that someone at EGOS has pulled the pin over the recovery of FRI - anyone out there confirm or deny?  There must be quite a few of us who have just had the letter from Glasgow giving the good news.  Maybe time for some concerted efforts? :mad:
Got my letter.  Now we need to get together and sort something.  I know 3 others.  Problem is, most are off to the desert!
I have no wish to see this thread turn in to a groundie vs aircrew slagging match - there are enough of those around already.  Anyway, I wuz wun too!

Think on, though - today, the aircrew, tomorrow - who knows who?  If the system is prepared to f@#k us royally, YOU might just be next!

Anybody else in receipt of a begging letter from Glasgow over FRI 1/2 might like to give me a call on 07966-428646 to discuss some serious legal advice/action.
Go for it boys, they will have to do some pretty hard convincing.   The main point of your argument has to be, regardles of eligibility or perceived eligibility, they have had your employment for a period of time, if the letter is arriving now, let's call that 21 months.   £20K is a tangible item that can be recovered.   21 months of not job searching, turning down job offers, not resettling and so on is intangible and therefore irrecoverable therefore, by not realising their error earlier or not having the method in place to prevent payments to those not eligible (in their opinion), they have had a service from you and therefore, the money is rightfully yours.   At very best, if they were to try to recover the money they should only be able to recover 3 months worth (the remaining bond to Apr 03) or by my simple maths, £2.5K.   If they expect you to pay back the money, you should expect the time returned to you that you gave by not leaving, clearly something that can not be done.
  You have my every support, send me a PM for my identity if you wish me to stand up and be counted.

All for one and so on

(edited because I forgut to use the spill chucker....D'Oh!)
:-[ Oh dear, here we go again...another tale of management woe. This one joins the list of "real issues" sliding past.."must have Apache on time...never mind anything else".

Clearly, this FRI dosh (groundies stand down on this one) was taken in good faith to retain individuals..and for some it worked they stayed a cracking deal for Gordon Brown..hand it out in FY 02, get personnel to sign on...and then ask for it back in 03 ??? I have no beef for those that couldnt remember in which year they were born in to be older than 37 and add years of service to be at year 16 (IPP) (clearly a problem for some DE officers). But it would appear that some are going to be stiffed on term sof service :mad:

You can just hear the pages of QRs rustling for the redresses. Test case going through ** level at the mo..might be a combat indicator! Would hate to be ALS on this one if all and sundry go LA Law. Black and Yellow handle might be end state..and some might be demi god QHIs. Just when the AH programme was going so well....ooops! Suggest there might be some top level action on this one.

Well timed as well...just to add fuel to the more Navs to SH from last week...gaping big hole in rear seat FJ world as Euro farce moves right yet again. With most of the SH crews en route for sand bag filling duties..and holes looming in SH seating.....the phones might just be ringing in Binnsworth again!

With some 200 odd terminations of service in the last 18 odd months, surprised that retention is not the big issue ??? Still, with £5K + for Scaleys in the Pay Award..there might just be another internal market!

The coffee is on the perculator...someone smell it before its too late! Having AH on time is no good if there is no one to move it, refuel it and rearm it :'(  

The coffee is on the perculator...someone smell it before its too late! Having AH on time is no good if there is no one to move it, refuel it and rearm it :'(  

Well said.
Enough Said.
Anyone Listening?
Doubt it.
(probably spending shortfall/overspend on their mistress and a new fleet of cars.)
B O L L O C K S.
Where do I sign off?
The good news :), the latest signals stops the recovery action.
The even better news ;D, The've put the guys phone number on there!!
Fire in the hole!!

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