Gilmores Groin

jack-daniels said:
Now that my marathon attempt this year has been written off I'm undergoing all sorts of tests to see what the problem is. My physio yesterday suggested it was Gilmores Groin

My GP hadn't come across it before so I've got have a scan etc. Anyone on here heard of it/had it? It's bloody sore to say the least!

Cant help you with Glimores, but 4 weeks ago i had my ruptured hernia repaired in my groin area so know what your going through. Had it done at Frimley.
I may have the same thing. I did the Ironbridge half marathon last month and felt good, during a short hill session at Halton a few weeks later I got a dull ache near my groin. When trying to do sit ups it is a sharp localised pain It got worse after running again a few days later.
I am waiting for an apppointment with a specialist to see what it is, whether hernia or groin strain or what, but it is doing my head in, I am meant to be runnning a 10k early in May, a 1/2 marathon in June and a wierd tandem triathalon in late June. I think they will be called off, as after walking 10 miles the other night ( i was bored in the mess) it seems to have got worse.
Hope you get sorted soon.

blobmeister said:
I had 'gilmores groin' in 2003, lots of physio required...and rest the area.

How long did it all take to heal up? I may have the chance of getting two weeks of intensive physio to help it along and they said if that fails then it may be a minor op.

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