Gillian McKeith

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Creosote, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Just sat watching "You Are What You Eat" on Channel Four, and it has occurred to me MORE than once that that skinny little freak, that presents it, is ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with kack.

    Matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that her life seems to revolve around shite - she goes on about it that much.

    Any other comments from y'all?
  2. More proof it's a fcuking quack. :roll:
  3. This woman is absolutely awful. I've just sat through her ridiculous programme (Mrs C was watching it!)Does anyone take this crap seriously. Wow, fat people lose weight if they watch their diets for 8 weeks.
  4. Most derserving of the "Smack in the face with a bag of organic lentils" award.
  5. I have always disliked the ginger harridan, her Wikipedia entry makes interesting reading - Quack

    In particular I like the quote

    from the Senior Dietician of the British Dietic Association. Not to mention the other disparaging quotes which litter the article and all the other information that comes out from a simple googling of her name. Why is the media still prepared to offer employment to this charlatan?
  6. She's a GWA!

    What more can be said.......over to you Foxy :wink:
  7. Not that I would but you would probably get a running commentary on the calories you were losing while you were doing the ... :hump: :donut: mmmm
  8. I believe it was Paul McKenna that said

    "If you are what you eat then Gillian McKeith must have eaten Gollum from Lord of the Rings".

  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I watched it as well & the thing that really pished me off was her atttude!Especially when she startd going thru the dad's kitchen cupboards!!So there were a few bags of crisp's in there! (ok,120ish bags of crisps...) but he has a kid ffs! I'll bet the kid woul'nt like a broccoli milkshake!!!If she come around my gaff & done that,she'd end up wearing said milkshake!!
    She's a evil little ginger minger obsessed with 'poo' who throws a strop when she does'nt get her way!
  10. mind you she only picks on fat munters who volunteered to be made fools of
    they deserve what they get.
    anyone want to help me on the squaddie diet eat any old shite you like and drink to excess but get beasted up and down a hill with a load of kit on soon lose weight :twisted:
  11. I'd like to see her on pro-celebrity boxing, up against someone like Ricky Hatton.

    A loathsome woman.
  12. I love it how she got her Doctorate online from some
    obscure american university (Surely thats walting to a big degree)
    and she is STILL on TV.

    She should be on QVC selling laxatives and whizz!
  13. Hmm.

    'Poo Woman Smeared on Arrse'.

    Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
  14. Quality!
    She walked past me once on the Strand whilst i was necking a Magners her bloke was lugging a big feck off suitcase and she was nagging the shite out of him.
    She is titchy as well as minging!