Gillian Anderson: I have had lesbian relationships

God I remember taking out a subscription to FHM in 1994 just to get the one with her in it a couple of days earlier.

Sex on legs, I bet she could play games with your head and then

Right I'm stopping there before it gets pornographic and I am going to sit in a dark room with boxing gloves on to prevent the sin of onanism overtaking me.
Dammit! How am I going to concentrate at work this morning?

Oh, to be cursed with an overactive imagination......

Not bad really, it distracted me from my current recurring waking nightmare, the one with Jimmie Krankie in the swinger club....damn..she's back...!

Fuck off and leave me in peace you fat evil twisted gwarr gnome thing.......
Now, now, what about standards.? . .. anyone else and it would have aroused howls of protest about ginger birds and ginger people
in general.... it should make no difference if you would crawl 80 miles on your hands and knees, just to push matchsticks into her shit..
ginger is ginger.

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