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What the **** is this feminist bullshit I've just watched?

Men don't need to be patronised either. Which is how I felt watching that, as I don't do any of those things; because regardless how many feminists might feel, most men act with respect and dignity. I don't need to be told to do it by a shitey razor blade advert.

I notice it's directed by a woman.

Maybe an advert about women not using our ******* razors to shave their clunge beard would be more appropriate.
I thought the advert was pretty good. I like the fact that some blokes are throwing hissy fits over it though.
Sadly some blokes need reminding that sexism, man-splaining, bullying etc makes them w4nkers.

The rest of us don't seem to care.
I expected to see a load of transexuals shaving or something, just looks like clever marketing designed to trigger a bit of gammon rage

They've earnt their money with that one

I'm sure Gillette must be pleased that people such as Carbon 6 are drawing others' attention to this.
It's an odd tactic to denigrate a large part of your customer base.

Looking at the goings on below the video (on the actual YT page) its not gone as well as envisaged.

It'll be interesting to hear the nasty things they say about women to sell these.
Personally I use Harry's.

And a Hollywood centric, raving, over the top, feminist advert is not going to get me to change.
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The video is directed by the same feminazi Kim Gehrig who did the 'This Girl Can' advert for Sport England and 'Viva la Vulva' for Libresse (they market stuff that deals with the mess that dribbles out of wimmin's front bottoms). Her artistic inspiration generally comes from spreading the feminist agenda it seems, so it's curious why an advert for male facial stubble has been dragged into her sphere of influence. (although my wife has been using my flippin' razor for years on her legs) If nothing else it seems to have inspired some chaps to seek alternative grooming supplies and spurn the Mach 3 standard that they've been scraping their faces with for decades...

I'm sure there's a thread or two on the very subject on this here forum somewhere
With Gillette your paying way way over the top for fancy packaging, expensive advertising and even more expensive sponsorship.
I gave up on them years ago and source my shaving stuff mainly on the internet via recommendation. Best buy last year was 50 blades for a fiver. Super sharp and better than any Gillette I've ever brought.
Whenever corporate feminists deal with issues, or nod to them to appear woke, it tends to be an easy win like shaving products, or 'Isn't Mr Trump nasty?' They seem a lot less interested in the very serious issues such as forced marriage, FGM, grooming (not beards...), etc. It is low hanging fruit and not dealing with really controversial issues.
As others have said, why are they trying to anger their core market?
fair play for them at trying to right the worlds wrongs but who thought it'd help them sell razor blades?
They need to get teenagers to buy into buying overpriced shaving products, so the marketing is aimed at Millenials not Gammons

If they don't eventually their market literally dies out
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