Gillard signs off on millions of dollars of aid for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bushmills, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Gillard signs off on millions of dollars of aid for Afghanistan

    The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has committed to increasing Australia's aid to Afghanistan by $85 million a year to $250 million by 2015 in an agreement signed with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai during a side meeting at the NATO summit.

    "It is a very happy day for Afghanistan to consider ourselves partners with Australia, a people that has been so generous and kind to us," said President Karzai.

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  2. We'll never see "Gillard signs off on millions of dollars of aid for Australia".
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  3. I would prefer to see "Gillard Signs off". I imagine she's funding it the same way she funds everything, by punishing anyone who earns over 100k and lives within 5km of centrepoint tower.
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  4. Meanwhile, she and all of her scaley mates are presiding over the biggest cut in defence spending which from one analyst has put the ADF at a point before that of the beginning of WW2 in relative terms. *looking for article to submit*
  5. Don't worry chaps, it won't be much longer. It'll be interesting to hear what Craig "A big boy took my credit card and driver's licence and had an expensive rootathon in a few brothels booked by my mobile, then ran away" Thomson has to say today.
  6. Tell that to a particular subcontracted facilities management company who is spending money like its the last days of Rome on an unnecessary, expensive and disruptive Asbestos Removal programme, despite being advised that the works were not required until at least 2020. This is the same company that carried out works to a hanger that left 3 C-130s sitting on a taxiway. All were on a turnaround on Afghan flights and came back for repair/ refit.
  7. Some will end up in the hands of the Taliban and Al-Qeada coffers and used in the training schools by those corrupt sods warlords.
  8. There was article in the Australian last week part of the Budget special stating that something like $5-6 Billion would be cut from ADF in order to achieve the 'budget surplus' thats been rammed down all our throats. Like yourself bb I've seen very little in the way of deatails. Again if some one can find the figures am pretty sure that's a massive chunk taken out compared with previous cuts

    Am pretty sure Steven Smith (he reminds me alot of Geoff Hoon and Des Browne, a kind of general ignorance on how the military is supposed to work) has stated there will be no cuts to service personnel, how they are going to do that for that amount remains to be seen.

    Talking to Bro-in-law (currently based at Enoggera) has said there's alot of stressed civvie contractors running around at the mo but also stressed head shed with the prospect of reduced budgets for training etc. Rumours also starting amongst the diggers that as soon as Afghan is binned......... Am getting deja-vu I've seen this happen before somewhere...., Should someone perhaps tell all the masses of laterals not to bother now!?
  9. She might as well just burn the money for the use it will do. 'Kin idealistic lefties. They want burning as well.
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