Gillard Beats Rudd

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Mr_Fingerz, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not with a stick, but in the Australian Labour Party Leadership Bid. Breaking news on Auntie as reported on Twitter.
  2. It still doesn't make it any easier in trying to work out who is worth a vote in Oz politics.

    When I eventually get my citizenship this year (after manyier rooftop protest and time spent @ xmas island detention centre....!) havn't got a clue who I will vote for

    Gillard's voice makes me want to throw up. The mad monk Abbott aswell as being annoying to listen too, has got some rather outdated views on women's rights to birthcontrol and abortion. What a great choice...
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  3. I normally spoil the ballot paper, compulsory voting is a joke.
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  4. I recall protest-voting for Pauline Hanson once, but usually I just write ***** across the ballot paper in my best incipient-axe-murderer scrawl. It'd be interesting to see what happened if compulsory voting were rescinded. The only politician I'd consider voting for is Graham Edwards, and Kim Beazley has always struck me as a genuinely nice bloke, which doesn't necessarily help him politically.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty disillusioned how this whole ******* outfit (politicians) act,not that I've cared for them at all, seen a number of the ***** in the flesh when they coming visiting all a bunch of ******* chinless wonders. Seem to think their shit don't stink, you want to see arrogance on a grand scale just check out an Australian politician and not an ounce of integrity. Makes us (Australia) look like the ******* Japanese or Italians with a shitload of PM's in less than 5 years
  6. Would've preferred Rudd over Gillard.
    I'm voting Katter next time. He might be a bit mental but he's got to be better than what we've got.
  7. He's a 'useful idiot', the same as Hanson was.
  8. We had the same one (T Blair) for ten years. Like to guess how that turned out?
  9. Why is it the Oz media never really interogates the politicains during interviews? ABC, and SBS are not too bad, there is Kerry o'Brian and George Negus who are probably the last of their kind but the rest just kiss there overpaid arrses!

    Saw an interview on 'the project' ch 10 (realise its meant to be a lightweight programme) think it was Joe Hockey and they just pussy footed around the fat **** throughout the entire interview.

    Jeremey Paxman would have put the fear of God into em!

    ( BTW, I do like living down here, but the tele sucks... and the driving standards, too many fuckin 4x4's with "MY FAMILY STICKERS" in QLD! Rant over)
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  10. Its simple cobber, you have the right to an informal vote :) Serves them right for making voting compulsory in this contry.
  11. Sod it might become a tree hugger and vote for the greens
  12. Try driving abit further west than toowoomba see how far you get without a 4x4 , while the standard of driving among the under 20,s here is lousy , but the yorky drivers here beat europe all hands down, for road safety and attitude especially in a state where there are only 2 main stretches of 4 or 6 lane highways,on the main highway the warrego, it is only dual carriageway for the first 122kms the other 2400kms are justnormal country road, come and try driving in roadtrain country, mind you driving in brissie is interesting for newbies, especially the turn off your gps signs, because the road signs and names are constantly changing without warning,
  13. If there is one politician I am disappointed in it is K.Rudd. The man was elected with a hell of a mandate in 07, yet in true form preferred spin over substance by failing to initiate effective legislation in parliament. No wonder Caucus got rid of him!

    Then he attempts a come back when he does not have the numbers! Not only that but the idiot failed to realize that the Australian public does not elect leaders, only parties do, we only get to chose the crumbs from his masters table when the powers that be decide. In essence the guy is, in the true Aussie spirit I might add, a galah!

    Just to add, stay tuned for a rumble in Liberal ranks, as Tony (the mad monk) Abbott is, my sources tell me, on the nose too.
  14. Oh god......your one of 'those' aren't you? I bet you have a ute and a 'My Family' sticker also!

    Have been here 3 years bud, have driven all over the shop. Dont be-grudge people who live out west who need em (and the bullbars) but when you have the the fat as **** LandCruiser normally containing the fat as **** Bogan family who generally cant park it properly at westfield chermside ie the "chelsea or toowoomba tractor" and they live in the burbs NO!

    I believe there should be legislation to stop people from owning them if they dont live out west. Now I would vote for that! (And the banning of mullett haircuts also)
  15. If Abbott goes (and the Budgies smugglers) then the LNP looks a bit more credible as a governing party perhaps