Gilberts Syndrome

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Petrolhead, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Anyone knoe if Gilbert's Syndrome would make you fail the selection medical?'s_syndrome
  2. yes, I know.
  3. I dont believe that TBH. I have Gilberts and served for 7 years in the infantry.

    Given that its generally a DNA issue that never effects you physically, what reason would they have to refuse you?

    Im sure that in Helmand they couldnt give a rats ass if you had VD !!!
  4. Wasn't he a 'flat capped' singer in the 70's?
  5. CLicky McClicky read the section on Alimentary System at the very end.
  6. not strictly true, however the rules are

  7. What does P2 graded mean, is this still a pass?

    *Edited* Found the answer in the same sticky post. thanks for pointing it out for me, feel better now.

    Nothing worse than feeling like all your preparation may be for nothing
  8. The bloke I work with has it and apart from being a bit yellow it doesn't seem to affect him. He gets on my tits, but I think that's unrelated :D
  9. lol hopefuly unrelated :p