gilad shalit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by summer35, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Today is the 23th birthday of Gilad Shalit, watch and see the his personal story - - copy and past the link

    Feck me, that's one way to go for moving up the ranks.
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I expect some twat will point me at a much more recent and interesting thread but - a happy day for the friends and family of Gilad Shalit.

    Good luck to him.....getting his head straight after this will be a major achievement.

    ( and I hope his back pay has been steadily accumulating - and his girlfriend hasn't spent it all on yellow ribbon ;-) .....)

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  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Point of interest it can now categorically be said that one Israeli is worth a thousand Palestinians.
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  5. Probably not - but think how many years of Bn Orderly Sgt he's got to catch up on...


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  6. With that exchange rate, you can imagine the Hamas militant carefully calculating his next kidnap. With 5,000 'political/terrorist' prisoners still in Israeli jails, that's a lot of Palestinian relations rubbing their hands with glee at the possibility of an early release.
  7. He will be quickly reduced in rank by their Glasgow equivalent if he doesn't get his SCLM in the bank!
    On a serious note, good luck to him re-adjusting to some sort of normal life, I think he will need it. So will Israel, judging by the number of potential martyrs they have just realeased - no change there then.
  8. As far as promotions in the IDF are concerned conscripts in the combat arms at least are generally promoted to corporal after 10 months service, sergeant after 20 months and staff sergeant by the time they have successfully finished their 3 years service (typically in 24 to 32 months). So these are not really NCO ranks in the British sense but more awards for conscripts though some will be section commanders/crew commanders etc- they would have been promoted to sgt earlier after doing the relevant course and will be the first to be promoted to staff sgt. I suppose in the old SADF conscript system the ones in leadership posts would have been lance-cpls and some cpls.There are another six IDF SNCO/WO ranks above staff sergeant.

    Israel Defense Forces ranks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I should add that the best of those completing NCO courses and being promoted to sgt early will go on to officer training courses, as long as they are willing to add another 2-3 years to their national service after the 5-month course; some of them will become career officers after that period. Most of the others, and those just promoted after serving the specified period of time, will go to reserve units after their initial service. A few will stay on as career NCOs but these are quite rare in the IDF compared to other armies.
  9. "Point of interest it can now categorically be said that one Israeli is worth a thousand Palestinians"The relative kill rate for palestinian rockets versus Israeli retaliation is only 1:6. For children its a tad higher, 124 dead Israeli children since 2000 vs 1400+ palestinian children.
  10. The true ratio is probably 1:2,800...

    ...but you know how good the red sea pedestrians are at haggling. Hamas probably wanted to get rid of him within a couple of days of his capture, but then the IDF demanded to haggle (if I could be bothered (which I'm not) and the ***** at work hadn't blocked the site, I would insert here the YouTube link for the scene from 'Life of Brian' where they haggle over a gourd).
  11. Actually it was a beard they were haggling over and they were pythons rather than pedestrians
  12. I think he's right about that as if I'm not mistaken the gourd was a free gift that Brian did not want from the seller.
  13. Would it be lower if the Palestinians werent launching rockets in the first place?

    Or does that factoid escape you?
  14. Maybe. Maybe not.

    Would it be higher or lower if Israel left the conquored territory it continues to occupy and reinstated the UN Partition Line of 1949 or the pre-1967 border?

    Would it be higher or lower if Israel recognised a Palestinian state?

    Or do these factoids escape you?