the_crazy_canuck said:
I'm not sure if this has been explained but I'm wondering where its gone and if anyone knows whether or not it will be coming back
the_crazy_canuck now that's is a very good question. I'm glad you ask.

But before I began. This is coming from BASECO:

Attention Fellow Members Of At 65 it was time to retire. I

know that we only gave you jargons a home for a short time. But was fun

while it lasted. That was not our intention. On the night of 17

April the old Jargon sunk. On 18 April the Set her maiden

vogue to rescue any jargons. And we need Multinational help to get

the job done within 4 days. I would like to thank one of your very own

Brit that help on this project he put in many long hours as we did.

What a great mate. And yes Canada came on board too.

I had gotten to know allot of great people. You Brits had taught us your

sense of humour. Just like after ARRSE was down for awhile you Brits left

our BAR with empty beer cans graffiti on the walls used condoms. The

Liquor was all gone.

Did find a dead goat poor thing looked like had had taken up the

hoop too many time. :D :D

As far as Gijargon I have sold the site. The site will now be a porn


Wishing you all good health and happiness,


Sh1t I can't wait til I retire :D

Im sorry it ended this way... Everyone on the old GIJargon will be missed.. You were more than Family to me, thankfully some of us are still on ARRSE.

Farewell to everyone that wont be able to make it here. God Bless Y'all!

:cry: :cry:
Thankfully, as weatherman pointed out, our SOTD won't haveta worry about picking out suits anymore. Wonder if the new owner is gonna make US regular members pay to visit?

Just glad that we jargonite's are tolerated over here at ARRSE.

Semper FI
The Gunny
Thanks! Hopefully we can get some more of the old jargon site regulars to stop in an speak out. Sure do miss having a home of our own.
ain't many redneck women in this part of the country. Lots of Latina women though. Downside of them, is they all end up looking exactly like thier momma's!


Kit Reviewer
thegunny said:
ain't many redneck women in this part of the country. Lots of Latina women though. Downside of them, is they all end up looking exactly like thier momma's!
What, something similar to a certain ex-president of a very busy ME country ?
Hey! Weatherman.........!

How's the weather there in TX..!? We had snow/ice last night. No school for the wee ones....24F today, low 15F..........

Where is everyone of the old GIJARGON gang..? I miss us all.....
Hope all is well, Merry Xmas my man..!!
joesgt said it for us:

I miss us all.....
I was thinking while I was drinking, and slipped into a trance.
I knew I was once based somewhere, and I'm glad it wasn't France.

Amongst friends who knew where we'd been,
and authorized the freedom to hate Sean Penn.

There was this place, somewhere in cyberspace,
where anyone could pull up an old ammo can and sound off.

Posting smoke with our gasmasks doft.

Intricate threads of life's treasures and wastes,
a tapestry woven of trip wire and pastes.

A canteen cup and a cadence call,
an invitation to the CO's ball.

our virtual bar serving the best,
crowded with swimsuits stuffed with breasts.

A bivouac night watch, a hootch, a bunk,
someplace to go, out of the funk.

For like minded military, support and first responders,
and all camp followers with thoughts and deeds to ponder.

Remembrances of those gone before,
sage advice for those standing in the door.

And it didn't cost nothing, it was quite the bargain,
to visit our friends at the old GIJARGON!!

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