GIJargon Refugees

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Blackjack, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. Since the Brits have been nice enough to allow us to stay here temporarily while another site is set up for us (Thanks Bad_2_The_Bone!), we should respect their wishes and move over here. Any matters pertaining to gijargon (or whatever for that matter) may be posted under this thread.

  2. Why does it have to be temporary?

    I'm a permanent member...have been since last August.
  3. Not being pushed away chaps but not all members will apreciate the crudeness of the NAAFI bar.
  4. I just received word from the dreaded one LNV,

    Staff has decided to permenantly shut down,

    I think Rocketeer's stunt put him over the edge.

    I have a forward from staff not sure if I'm allowed to post it
  5. I don't have a problem w/ you staying. I happen to like this site as well, and I plan on making it one of my regular haunts.

    I just noticed that several arrse members were hinting that we move the majority of jargon business over here, so I started this thread.

  6. Doesn't surprise me. Sad, but not a surprise.
  7. not sure if I'm allowed but I can post staff's message if y'all want
  8. Not right that Rocketeer should carry the can for LNVs selfishness

    He did what anyone would do in that position.

    Doe anyone have a contact address for this staff puff, and does anyone know if the site is for sale?
  9. Yes your right. This is the right forum for jargon safe harbor. Just talked to one of the mods. Arrse has gave jargons a nice welcome here. We will follow by their rules. As jargons regroups. The new site format is a PHP
    now we have to get it hosted. We are putting in long hours to get this up and running as fast as we can. My department is on overtime getting this done. Any new info. I will post here. OK?
  10. So whats this message then?

    Is the board up with a message or was it an email?
  11. I was forwared an email from staff which was to LNV
  12. Post it then
  13. Message from Staff at

    I am out of the jargon business. All the moderators cleared out and my
    post stated
    that the site remained open only because you remained. They saw fit to
    block you
    again so the site came down. I don't have time for the bickering, fighting
    name-calling. And that was just the moderators! I don't have time to
    oversee the
    messages. You noticed I hadn't really posted since last May. That was when
    I went
    into business for myself. The site remained open only because of
    moderators. Now
    moderators cannot get along, most moderators never cleaned up the board. I
    don't need the headache.

    Thanks for all you tremendous help. And all the moderators who helped.

  14. Cheers, seems he was unaware of what was going on.

    The board mainly moderated itself, and the only person in need of moderation caused the downfall of the site.