I was doing some research online and for some reason did a google search on gijargon and got the following:

"This domain name expired on 04/18/2006 and is pending renewal or deletion."

I see some fun coming in the near future. :twisted:
Long story short, gijargon used to be the US version of ARRSE. It went down in flames, twice. If the name becomes available, I'm going to buy it in a heartbeat. :twisted:
Corporal said:
ThatsMom2U said:
Oh Lord help us :roll:

How you doing, lady? Paying $4 a gallon yet? :wink:
Of course I'm alive! You and I know I'm to damn ornery to die :wink:

I just come in and check on ya'll every now and then to make sure your still kickin. I see Rocket and Gunny over at Milspot on occasion as well.

As for paying the $4 a gallon...not yet I'm not! Last gas sign I saw said $3.39/gal.
8O :? 8O
And this last year has been really great on the MPG anyway since I now work full time from home. :wink:

So, how you doing handsome?? How's them pups? We have a new lab named Sam. Amber took Zeus back to Colorado with her when her hubby returned from Iraq, so that left me with one sad Newfy. So, being the total idoit I have been known to be...I adopted another lab. Sam's only a year old though, so we are going through the hurry up and wait for his brain to arrive thing.. :lol:
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