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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Banzai, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. Oh golly, I feel terrible about all the nasty things I said...

  2. Can't say I'm going to miss her

  1. Hey All!

    Just caught the link from the GIJargon site and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I'm an ex-marine, so go ahead and take your best shot, I'm sure I've been called worse, and probably rightly so. I do have a lot of respect for your military, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about your culture. I do know that we share a fondness for beautiful women and good beer and that's a start.

  2. That will do for starters, its a long standing British tradition that the new bloke on the site buys all the beer all night you go to the bar.

    If your an ex US Marine you will probably look a little weedy and puny so take some ID with you :D :D
  3. When you mention good beer, I do hope you are referring to British Beer and not the watered down rubbish you get in the You S of A.
  4. Howdy! :D

    Have you got a Wal*Mart discount card?

    Ahhhhh, the beer over there maybe watered down, but you can buy a pitcher of it !

    One pitcher and I'm anyone's! :roll:
  5. Let me see, thats 27 pints of Auntie Stella, 32 Grolsh, Case of Chianti (chilled) Case of Shiraz, Case of Chardonnay, Case of Vodka (Blue Label), and a dandelion and burdock... want ice with that Ma?

    Thats seven of us, the rest will be along later :lol:

    Added..... 1 pitcher.... :lol:
  6. Welcome to Arrse Banzai!

    I've had a look on GI Jargon and seems to be good.

    Have fun on Arrse
  7. Lipstick-
    I hope the blue label was for me :lol:
    and welcome to our revolutionary colonial cousins
  8. Blue Label has your name on it ex-dvr :lol:

    How much of a bar bill can you run up MDN ? :wink:
  9. Nice avatar MDN. :)
  10. Just put it all on my tab, I'll pay up next time I'm in town! Did you guys know that you actually made a couple of people quit GIJargon? If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen I always say. I see there are actually some ladies that post here, very nice! As far as being a puny Marine, I may only weigh 185 lbs, but it's all muscle. I also like the stronger beers, I just happen to like them cold, oh well. Thanks for the welcome, keep your head down and your ammo dry.

  11. As in JFBanzai?
  12. That's me! How did you know? You must be from GIJargon.
  13. JFBanzai!! Awright--so I gotta come over here to say howdy?! Making yourself kinda scarce on GI Jargon lately, ain't ya? Oh yeah--this is PT but they got some dumb rule here about user names less than three characters so I used a long one!

    Lissen up ladies and gents: Banzai is one tough hombre. I won't embarass him by mentioning it but he can be damn proud he's known among the Jargonites as the Hood Ornament. :mrgreen:
  14. Well on here he's just another Spam with a silly name :D
  15. you come bearing chocolate and silk stockings? :wink: