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I have noticed that everyone likes a bit of music but because of various events going on people are missing out, so if anyone knows of any gigs coming up that may interest others could they post the details.
It would be good for some people to unwind after ops or for others to relive some old memories, any music any band that interest you or you think is worth seeing. For instance Secret Affair are playing at 229 great portland street london w1 on 24th of november tel 0207 323 7229 or 229 the venue


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Some up coming gigs at my local in bedfordshire.
Sham69 on the 27 july
GBH 24 august
The pistols( sex pistol tribute) 21 sept.
Madness tribute 5th oct
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS 13th sept, not a tribute act.
Basicly a shf load of music inc ska, mod, metal and punk with dare i say it, a decent abba act if that rocks your boat.

Almost forgot the venue
Harvest home Houghton Regis. Bedfordshire.

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Here's my forthcoming gigs. I will be at all the mentioned North East gigs, and most of the further afield gigs including the Blackpool Punk fest.

13/7/13 Chestwigs Gateshead Black Bull
3/8/13 1977 Gateshead Three Tuns
3/8/13 Damned Middlesboro Empire
8-11/8/13 Damned/Cock Sparrer/UK Subs/Vice Squad/Defects/Drongos/Crashed Out/Exploited/Sham69/RedAlert/InfaRiot/CockneyRejects/AntiPasti/GBH/Discharge/Hotwired/Resistance77/Ed Banger & Nosebleeds
Rebellion Festival Blackpool Winter Gardens
7/9/13 Sham 69/Ruts DC/Steve Ignorant/Anti Nowhere League/Crashed Out/Fiend Newcastle Academy
21/9/13 Ed Banger & Nosebleeds Gateshead Black Bull
28/9/13 Defects Gateshead Black Bull
17/10/13 Anti Nowhere League Bilston Robin
26/10/13 English Dogs/Keyside Strike Middlesboro Legion
7/11/13 Fiend/Vile Gateshead Black Bull
14/11/13 Cockney Rejects Bilston Robin
22/11/13 Cockney Rejects Carlisle Brickyard
29/11/13 UK Subs Doncaster Leopard
6/12/13 Damned Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
8/12/13 Damned Newcastle Academy
13/12/13 UK Subs Birmingham O2 Academy
14/12/13 1977 Gateshead Three Tuns
14/12/13 Discharge/Vice Squad Middlesboro Legion

Motorhead are touring in the Autumn, but I refuse to go to shit venues like Newcastle City Hall.


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Saw motorhead at folkestone winter gdns in the 80s, we were about 6ft from the speakers, created a slight problem with hearing on parade at Howe barracks the following morning:p

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Going to see the Misfits tomorrow in Cardiff, might even have a spare ticket if my mate pulls out.

Love the Misfits, can't wait

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I'm old, although judging by some of the previous posts so are you lot, so I'm going to see Fleetwood Mac in Cologne on 6th Oct. I've seen them before and I have to say, that for quality and repertoire they beat everyone else hands down.
Green Man Festival next weekend :) Patti Smith and John Cale - oh and Edwyn Collins. I haven't heard of anyone else who is there except The Swans but I live and learn.............
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