Gifts for former RAC man

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Panoptes, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Good Evening Gentlemen,

    I'm looking for ideas for gifts (as the title suggests) for a dear mentor of mine. He served with the Queens Royal Irish Hussars and left this regiment in the early nineties, after progressing to the rank of Sgt (if anyone believes they know this man could they please PM me. Obv I don't want to give out personal info publically. You could perhaps suggest more appropriate gifts for this man).

    This person after leaving the army joined my CCF as the SSI.

    He has changed our unit into a well disciplined, organised one. He has the respect of all the cadets and adults, even though he is ruthlessly tough and pushes you hard, no one has ever had a bad word to say about him and his dedication to the unit and the cadets foremost. I cannot express my respect for this man.

    As it is my last year in the CCF my fellow cadets have to get him a little comething, and as it is his last year also I believe something a little more special than a bottle of Black Bush should be on the cards. I was wondering if there were anything that you gentlemen could suggest and any ideas of where to get something special.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi guy put "Peter Hicks" into Google they are resposible for producing the Abandoned Soldier Bronzes and they also do a whole range of models etc that would be suitable. There is a link to them from the Abandoned Soldier website. The chap who runs the company is ex 13/18 H all best Hussarrrrr :D
  3. Or this company Ellis - Finely Crafted Military Ornaments. Another former soldier producing great stuff at good prices.


    They will even put a QRIH badge on the base for you as the price includes the title and insignia of any past or present regiment.
  4. Or get in touch with Arthur3bums on here, and ask for a portrait to be done of well whatever you fancy, that and a copy of his book. Totally suprised me that, thought crayons was RTRs limit :)

    Only joking before you swarm out of the pit.
  5. Scar -
    You just never lose it at all do you? That ready wit of yours!!!
    Come to think of it mate, can't stand crayons!!!! Much prefer the gritty feel of graphite grea........ oops, pencils. 8O
  6. Ellis replicas, i cant praise enough. Quality service,good price and they are unique.
  7. That's god to know as I was thinking of starting a collection for myself.
  8. You could always get him this!

  9. If he is ex QRIH, all I would get him is a crate of Guiness & a bottle of Blackbush. That is always the way to the heart of those lads, spent 4 years with the Regt at Fally - "Best by Far"

  10. I recommend Peter Hicks - I purchased a statuette and it is very well made. Service also very good.
  11. Cheers for posting that link, tankieboy. Those ornaments do look rather pleasing. :D Looking at the product range and prices, they do appear to be reasonably priced, too. Many companies seem to price their ornaments rather expensively, but, at around £30, they look like very acceptable gifts, affordable to most.
  12. I also like what he had to say for himself in his bio. I have had email exchanges with him over his ebay shop and he sounds like someone I would do business with in the future.
  13. Got to say, im ordering some stuff off him,they are a good price and do look the business, good link indeed.
  14. Just to back this up, i ordered a stillbrew , it arrived 3 days later but unfortunately was damaged in transit, quick Email and 3 days later--replacement ! :D That is customer service and how you build reputations (and cracking desk ornaments !!)
  15. I like the bronze effect but painted up they`d look smart , especially if the wagon was personalised with VRN and callsign.

    Here`s a smaller example in resin that I painted for myself.....