Gift Fundraisers: "Chuggers" or Cnuts?

Chuggers / Street Fundraisers

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You know the drill...go shopping, meet chuggers, avoid, meet more chuggers, , then more chuggers. Some are okay, some want malleting.
Coming back from town late afternoon today there's a few Gift Fundraising chuggers out of Notts, one of which, hassling a lad after being told to feck off . Well someone has to tell them. We watched chuggie hassle him, then chase after him with verbal. Funny as it was at the time, chuggers are a monumental pain.

The argument went on for five or so minutes but chuggie escapes a well deserved kicking, more thanks to the lad's discipline than chuggie's, to be honest.

In our town market place there can be a dozen chugging feckers at any one time.

Are these people a force for good, or just a disease?
Call me a cynical cunt, but I have had a regular procession of people coming into our shop of late that are supposedly "making Christmas gift boxes” for children in 3rd world countries. Which, seeing as we mainly sell cosmetics and handbags, I said to the most recent beggar, that did she think that children in these 3rd world countries really need make-up….! Oddily enough, she soon fucked off.

Cunts are just to pikey to pay for Christmas presents and are purely using fraudulent means to put prezzies under their tree for their ADHD suffering kids. Cunts…
Mostly, just folks out to make a few bob. Some of the are twats and a lot of them are too young and naive to realise that they don't hold any sort of moral high ground just because they've given up an afternoon to do some not-terribly-arduous-and-reasonably-well-paid work.

I'm polite but firm and most of them are polite in return.
I usually say "I'll listen to what you have to say, but the moment you want money from me, I'll punch you in the cunt"


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don't forget that if they do get you to sign up then you will get tons of phone calls asking you to up the dosh... bloody outta work art and dance students !!!
Some young student type had the misfortune to come knocking at mon repose a couple of months ago. RSPCA of all things. When asked about whether I cared about animals was somewhat nonplussed when I responded that I only really cared what they tasted like.

Like most here, it's RBL and H4H for me, with a soupçon of Vulcan to the Sky for the hell of it.


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No idea what it is about me but every fucking time I walk down, and sometimes up, the High Street I am totally ignored by them! I even make eye contact with the better looking young ladies all to no avail. They must have an inbuilt radar or some such..... they can tell I'm a miserable old bastard who'd tell 'em to go away and annoy some one who gave a shit.

Still hurts to be ignored though..... cunts.

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