Gift for your wife or partner?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by danielreeves31, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Saw this and thought it might be nice for any of you with a wife/partner in the London area!

    A bit romantic but if it keeps the wife or girlfriend happy who cares!

  2. Nice one, however if I sent this to the domestic chief of Staff their would be a board of enquiry to investigate what I was so guilty about
  3. Agreed - this is one sure fire method of stirring the seeds of suspicion in 0A Domestic's mind.

    Rather be on the recieving end of an MLRS fire msn than run the gauntlet of suspicion!!!
  4. Im really struggling this year to find inspiration on what to buy my girlfriend of 5 years if anyone can offer HELP or suggestions i would be very grateful.
  5. I would make a nice present :D

    no funny stuff though :oops:

    edited because I missed the bloomin picture out
  6. An engagement ring.
  7. are you married mr butler ?
  8. Erm... yes thank you miss 23 years to my first girlfriend :oops:
  9. its nearly 4 hours since lunch yet the website is so sickly nicey nice and covered in sugar that I want to hurl!
    Sex toys, that the way ahead.
  10. An iron, then she might make a better job of ironing my kit!