Gib's back in the news.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. It's a easy way for a govt to divert attention from their woes by using popular statements to try to placate the rabble.
  2. They make it very hard for the gibos, I know he area quite well as I grew up there, they make it a nightmare on the Spanish side of the border which creates huge ques in la Linea and then blame the English, that place is always going to be a huge dispute, they are verging on being as bad as the argies!

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  3. What we really need is a Navy.
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  4. Hang on, I have the solution.

    Mount one of these on the rock. Sink any interlopers. Simples!

  5. A harpoon on a truck, now I've seen everything!
  6. Haven't the Spanish got an acute banking and debt crisis, severe austerity and as a result crippling strikes?

    Maybe just maybe the two are related?
  7. Yep, those Spaniards must have felt totally outgunned by seven revved up drunken matelots in sports kit, who'd just been told that the dago's were banning their 'run ashore' that weekend. ;-)
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  8. Ah well, the Dagos rarely stand up to a proper fight. Cry havoc and let slip the the Drunken Matelots of War :p
  9. "That dago boat has crates of iPods on it lads, have at it!"
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  10. Bloody typical, the Dagos can't govern what they've got, so now they want the only bit of the Iberian peninsular that works so they can screw that up too!
  11. never did like Spaniards, they murder too many bulls for my liking!