Has anyone been to gib for a holiday?
Just thinking of going over for a short hop with the wife because the weather here is a bit shyte, Is it ok? I'm not really interested in the military history aspect I just want a few pints in peace and quiet and maybe somewhere pleasant in the evenings.

ps I'm a bit to old for nightclubbing so thats why Gib and not ibiza.
How old are you? Still not old enough to spell then?
Went last spring.

On the culture front, you'll find a thriving Jewish community, left over from the 17th C.

On the roystering front. Lots of British pubs selling the usual lagers and 'All Day Breakfasts'. After a while, you get bored of it, to be honest.

Beware the thieving taxi drivers who put a sign up at the cable car, saying it's "out of order". Take the car up to the top, watch the apes ******* each other senseless (all male, btw) and walk back down.

That was the best day for me and the missus, walking down from the top along the road, surrounded by hibiscus and wild flowers -and the odd ape.

The Lord Nelson in Casement Sq is good for a pint and a lunch if you can find a table among all the Kinky Nippon tourists there.

In short, it's fun, but you won't find any Giotto frescoes or any other cultural delights there. But if you like the sun, enjoy a pint and a fry up, it's not too bad.
It's a dump. And the majority of the population hate the Armed Forces, but are more than willing to use us to defend their little tax haven against the Spanish/EU.
The "tax free" shopping is not as good as it's cracked up to be. Try and avoid the Shell Petrol Station on Winston Chuchill Avenue...
Personally, I don't mind a visit for cheapy fags and some booze but I find that the enjoyment factor wears off after a number of hours.
I would stay over on the Spanish side and if I fancied a visit I'd park up in La Linea and walk across


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I had a great time on Adventurous Training. But my best tip is get in with the Gibraltar Regiment. they can get you into the WWII tunnels and the only decent nightclub in town. Its not a bad place for a quick visit. Cheap fags and booze too.
Previous threads have shown that Gib is Marmite. Something to consider is that Gib is going through a change. The Old and Bold will remember Gib's economy being dependent on parting soldiers, sailors and airmen from their money, especially when the border was closed. That source of income is all but gone so it's now tourist trade and international banking. It's harder to find bargains but the military heritage is still around, with areas that were once closely guarded now tourist attractions.

With regard to an earlier comment about the WWII tunnels, the extent to which the Gib Regt has access is rather less now. Many have been sold off to private companies, the tunnels providing valuable floor space as spare (level) surface land has just about run out.


Just a general point the weather is still good, I was swimming in the lake today and it was (just) Ok and we have bright skies. Dayytime temp in the north-east here up to 30ÂșC dropping quite a bit at night now. Changes on the way this week with a bit of overdue rain expected on friday and temps expected to drop.

Try here for a forcast in the south.
Weather forecast in Granada : Spain

Whatever you get it shouldn't be as bad as the UK. Keep a shufti on the weather as if you are coming from the sun and run into the autumn storms it could ruin your holiday.

Good luck.

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