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Anybody else concerned about what's happening?

I appreciate that it is a blow to Spanish pride, having Britain control Gibraltar, but they've had 300 years to get used to it. France doesn't claim Jersey, Italy doesn't claim Corsica, Turkey doesn't claim the hundreds of Greek islands off its coast. Why can't they accept the way things are, and the way the people of Gib. want them to be?

It's funny that some European countries really dig in their heels when it comes to mattters such as discussing reform of the CAP, yet we are prepared to be 'reasonable' to the extent of offering a foreign govt. have 50% control of British citizens. What's going on?

Furthermore, Spain has consistently stated that they are not prepared to see joint sovereignty as a long term solution. (Solution to what? Gibraltar's ours.) They're not going to be satisfied unless they get 100% - what's the point of any negotiations unless they're prepared to be a bit more flexible?

The only good news re this matter is Morocco's occupation of an (uninhabited) island off their coast, but claimed by Spain.  This has helped to publicize Spanish hypocrisy on the 'colonial' issue. Re this matter, El Mundo newspaper was moved to comment:

"The king of Morocco has chosen the path of confrontation with one of the big European democracies and that must have a serious cost for him."

(No doubt the King's trousers have now assumed a brown hue.)

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Sorry if this topic has been raised elsewhere, but I've not seen it.
Also check out the 2 x (inhabited) Spanish colonies off the coast of North Africa.  Hypocracy - not for me chef I'm full :-X
I'm personally disgusted with the government response to this issue, even if it is not truly ours (and I have yet to see a single piece of dirt on Earth which hasn't got multiple countries with some claim to possession of), and there is no question as to the wishes of the population of Gibraltar either. If you ask me, it's just another instance of the government trying to be everybodies best friend which sometimes pays off, but this time is going way too far :(.
So we've got a majority of the population within a small part of  Europe wishing to remain part of the UK.   Tone's govt in the meantime are doing their damndest to get shot of it to a neighbour with a 300 year old claim to it?   Doesn't sound like anywhere else I know!!

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