Gibralter Sailing


Can anybody tell me if there is a JSASTC facility based in Gibralter?? If this is the case, any info, tel numbers, links would be much appreciated.


None in Gib. Check out the JSASTC web site for info. Expeditions are normally based out of UK, Canaries, Cyprus (they have their own fleet, Croation Coast or in the Caribean. There remains the club at at Keil which has a v good fllet - their trips are all in the Baltic but will mount expeditions
to Finland and Russia on occasion.

Gib doesn't give too many options for sailing small boats - too much tide and not a lot to sail to if you are there for a week. The big boats (Challangers Only now - I think the Nic fleet has lost its ocean rating) are too busy doing the big trips to be tied there. I dare say also that we (UK military) are not too popular with or Spanish bretheren. :)


Oh well, there goes my sailing exped to Ibiza and back!!! :lol:

Any contact details on the Cyprus Sailing Centre??

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