Gibraltar's military commander dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scotscop, Jan 9, 2005.

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  2. Aparrently he was under investigation by the MoD Police & had deen told he was being recalled to the UK.
    No doubt more information woll be forthcoming.
  3. As investigations into the death got under way yesterday, police in London confirmed that Commodore White had been under investigation for allegedly downloading child pornography after being identified by Operation Ore, Britain’s biggest child pornography inquiry.,,2-1435042,00.html
  4. Compare the late Commodore White’s Prussian solution to dishonour with Surgeon Lieutenant Ruthven’s. Ruthven is alive and well, a Naval Officer and a practicing doctor (but not for children.)

    I expect that so soon after L/Cpl Atkinson's antics the press will conclude that the Armed Forces are full of murderers and abusers of children.
  5. Once the fit had hit the shan, he took the gentleman's way out. Suppose gun control ruled out the 'pistol on the wardroom table'. I still find it somewhat amazing in these changed times when almost anything goes, that he chose this way out rather than be shown up as a pervert. Whatever we may think of him, we need to remember that he was a husband and father to his family and they have to soldier/sailor on.
  6. hey guys, lets not tag him as guilty. he was never proven guilty by a court of law so i dont think we should tar and feather him at this sad time.

    the fact he appears to have topped himself is a bit of a gift to those who wish to make him appear guilty, but until it is proven 100%, he was an honourable man in my eyes (apart from joining the navy 8O :D )

    agent smtih
  7. Fair one Agent Smith.

    His family have my sympathy.
  8. RTFQ


    Isn't Michael Barrymore living in Gibralter now?
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  9. I think the problem with Operation ORE is that those caught by it are pretty much 'bang to rights' unless they can prove that their credit card was being misused. The reality is that nobody - other than police investigators - has a good reason to pay for child pornography or to keep it on their computers. I must admit, sick swine that I undoubtedly am, that the single occasion on which I inadvertently saw a pornographic image of a child - which had been posted to a usenet group for collectors of WW2 militaria of all things - it made me want to both throw up and cry in equal measure.

    I can't begin to imagine why anyone would want pornographic images of children though no doubt there are deep and - perhaps - pathological reasons for it. In any case, my view is that Commodore White has faced up to his responsibilities as he saw them. Very sad for him, very sad for his family.
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Why is that a problem?.

    Downloading, and paying for, indecent images of children encourages the further abuse of those children; and the abuse, both physical and sexual, of others. If Operations like Ore can find those who are in effect paying the abusers and stop them, then the peddlers will find their market somewhat reduced.

    This will not end the physical and sexual abuse of children. But it's a start.

    I agree that Commodore White has paid a very high price, and so has his immediate family.
  11. If he was guilty he took the easy way out and as previoulsy said does not have to live with being branded a pervert.
    The Children who have been subjected to all forms of abuse and have to live with that day in day out... paid the high price for his entertainment.
  12. After all the previous scandals with people being braded a pedo, it may be that he couldnt face being hounded by the press and stripped of his comand (as you know WOULD happen, in this media obssesed world!)

    But then again if he was a proud and heroic commander, shouldnt he have stayed to fight the charges?

    just very sad in my view.

    sympathy to the family.

    agent smtih
  13. It's a problem because it subverts 'due process' and cuts out the courts. As I said in my original post, some of these people may have reasons for becoming interested in child pornography (by which I don't mean exculpatory excuses but reasons underlying the pathology) and they are entitled to have these heard in court before they are convicted and sentenced. Operation ORE has nailed these people as buyers of child pornography and some policemen have been happily leaking their names to the press, who have 'convicted' them without any further examination of the circumstances, denying them a fundamental British right.

    I have no sympathy for paedophiles but I would hope that they would be treated as fairly as possible under the circumstances.
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    A fair point well made. However, it is not the role of investigating officers (be they Police or C&E) to determine the guilt or otherwise the people that they investigate. Their job is to collect evidence, put it to the CPS or CEPO who determine whether or not there is a reasonable chance of a conviction (in other words that the court's time is not going to be wasted). They, not the Police or Customs, put the case before the court. The court decides whether or not the accused is guilty.

    I fully agree that irresponsible officers leaking names of suspects to the press undermines the course of justice. It smacks to me that they don't have enough evidence (or indeed any evidence) to obtain a conviction, and are resorting to vigilantism by proxy to "ensure that the guilty are punished". To me this is as stupid as illiterate mobs attacking paediatricians.