Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Shame us, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. Anyone know the quota for AGC (RMP) in Gib? BFG's losing it's shine...
    IIRC, there's a Joint Service Police Unit in Gib.... a verrrrry wild guess, it'd be around a section's worth.....not sure though
  3. and of course im going there for 3 weeks leave relief in Oct. :D :D :twisted:
  4. Shows you how bad things have become, ten years ago I would not have even thought about asking for a posting to the pikey capital of the empire. Now with a choice of Germany, south-east England or north of the Watford gap, I must admit even I've now asked for a posting there... :evil: :evil:

    Centre of the Universe, m8! [​IMG]

    Next time I'm posted there I'm digging in and never coming home. [​IMG]
  6. the real centre of the universe used to be Hong Kong, then all the good lads were replaced by tosspots who would rather sit in the unit bar and play darts than get amongst it down town in TST (bloody slop jockeys and gob docs, you know who you are!)
  7. Well said sir. I do remember said sad individuals.
  8. Did I forget to mention the CMT? Sorry Barky you were supposed to be in there as well. :twisted: :twisted:
  9. Thats S/sgt Barky if you please...! :p
  10. he'll always be 'the pooch to me', and 'that sweaty bloke' to most other people. :twisted: :twisted:
    With a rebel yell that is of course :twisted: