Has any of you ever been to gibraltar , if so what did you think of the place and did you gat hassles of the spics at the border just cos you are in the forces ?
also what were the gibralatrians atitude toward you  ?
Was there Sept 2002.  Accommodation basic to say the least - through good astroturf football pitch, priorities?  What made it all bearable obviously was the weather.

Border crossing a bit of a nightmare both on foot and by vehicle.  Long tailbacks - many day trippers.  No particular problems re being forces though.

Gibraltarians not altogether happy with our presence.  They pretty much keep to themselves when you meet them in town.  Warnings re walking back from town centre to Devil's Tower camp at night alone.  Squaddie bashing favourite local sport and you have to go through a dodgy part of town.

Nightlife quiet during week.  We had to make our own fun!  Picked up at weekend but better bet was to pop across the border - which was easier at night when day tripping crowds had left.
I was there in Nov 02 .. same as puss in boots above.. tax free booze and fags (put a smile on my face) .. i was there for the Gib referendem, i think it was 98% in favour of staying british.. some of those who did vote for spain were attacked but then a few days later some Gibbos were attacked over the border in spain by the local spics. I had a chat with some of the locals and they like the british but they hate the labour goverment.


is there a BAD part of gibraltar !? puss_n_boots  ???, i was under the impression that crime is generally very low. i wonder if the referendum is for genuine patriotic reasons or purely commercial .  however i have no love for the spics regarding gibraltar espcially when they are being two faced over ceuta and melilla .

keep the infos and tps coming in ! where is the best pubs in the town?  ;D


I was in Gibraltar for annual camp in 2001.  As above, the fags and booze are stupidly cheap.  Sax 2 was a semi-decent karaoke/nightclub when I was there, good for a laugh.  Devils Tower Camp is, as said, v. basic, not helped by the fact when I was there someone had stuffed a nudie mag down one of the bogs, making it overflow and the whole floor reek of sh*t for the whole time we were there.  They fixed it the day we left.  Hmmm.  If you feel in danger of a bashing, the MOD plods or RMP's will usually give you a lift home, but don't go to the local constabulary, they're not too keen on people with short haircuts.  It's also a fairly high alert place, so listen to the brief.  Generally though it's lovely, the training is something different and it's hot.  Still weird seeing red telephone boxes and bobbies beside palm trees though.


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