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what do you guys think about making Gibraltar a integral part of UK with british passports  ;) (spain already does this with ceuta and melilla) .

it will upset the spics big time but hey they ve got 2 toen in morrocco so what are they complaining about ? ;D
Hmmmm.  Hardly think that's going to solve anything.  I'm currently living on a small island which is part of the UK, and I hold a British passport.  They're still doing their best to get rid of us mind you.  :mad:
No.  The government of that time were willing to fight for the Falklands.  :mad:  The paradox today is that while Blair and Co are eager to get stuck into "the war on terror" in sunnier climes, me and mine are expected to cuddle up and get cosy with terrorists who are responsible for thousands of deaths in our own backyard.  Don't get me started.  :mad: :mad:


Personally I rekon Gib is just as much part of the UK as cornwall is or hampshire is. They should have the same treatment as mainland UK residents.

Foggy_balla, I understand exactly where ur comin from. But be reasured that however much this gov wants to sell NI down the river, it aint gonna appen


foggy _balla i see what u mean , ive been to NI a few times even the catholics are not too keen on united ireland either interestingly enough even the people of the republic dont particularly want NI as well .

i think its because its too expensive to  live in Ireland and there is already an accomodation for the protestant , NI was created as a compromise solution in 1922 ,  only the extremist are not happy about it but you can't please everybody  ::)

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