Gibraltar to play at Euro 2008.

A recent newspaper report stated that Gibralter, with it's 28000 population, will be granted permission to join in at the 2008 European Championships, to coincide with their provisional acceptance as a full EU Member State. Martin Tyler touched on the subject during the England match last night. As the Sky Sports Infobar flashed across the bottom of the screen to show the details of the Germany goals against San Marino, he had a little chuckle as they reached 10. He went on to suggest that the smaller nations play each other first before progressing to the actual qualifiers. This is, however, largely unlikely to happen. All nations, regardless of size, would refuse to be discriminated against.

In 2004 only 16 teams played in the European Championships. From one Championship to the next we have gone from 16 teams to a staggering 25. To put this into perspective, we've gone from 3 qualifying matches to 6 or 7. As a worrying sign for the future, there are several other nations on the fringes of Europe who continue to campaign for inclusion into Europe, and several whose applications are on the verge of provisional acceptance. Where will this end? Will domestic club football have to shorten it's calender? Or will smaller teams play each other for right to face the likes of England, France, Germany et al? More importantly, how many pad's brats will make up the first team of Gibraltar? Whatever happens, it looks like the rugby scoreline is here to stay.....
Assuming they will play their games at the stadium but will the warm up and training sessions be played on the plastic pitch? I hope not, im sure I still have a few scars from playing on that pitch.
PotYos said:
Assuming they will play their games at the stadium but will the warm up and training sessions be played on the plastic pitch? I hope not, im sure I still have a few scars from playing on that pitch.
An improvement from the stones and dust pitch that I played on. The blokes even played cricket on it with the help of a 22 yard mat.
So lets sum this up for f*cks sake. England take to the field against Gibraltar, And the only thing stopping them hitting a three figure score is that a match only lasts 90 mins. Paul Robinson is on the back page of the Sun shown playing his Nintendo Gameboy on the goal line after about 75 mins, and a rare break from the heart of the Gib midfield forces Terry and co to put the poker game on hold for 5 mins. Meanwhile at the other end of the pitch The goal keeper has cracked 2 ribs from the amount of dives he's had to make. The only good that comes out of the game (apart from the inevitible 3 points) is that one of the Gib defenders makes £50 from selling his swapped Theo Walcott England shirt. What the f*ck does this achieve?

Reality check here please. If Europe keeps growing, we'll end up with about 10-12 group games in the qualifiers, or additional rounds being added on to the actual tournament after increasing the amount of groups. To succesfully achieve this, the FA (including the FA's of other EU countries) will have to seriously consider the notion of either extending the premiership season (to allow for all the international breaks) or lessening the amount of teams which currently feature in the top flight.

At the end of the day, I can understand a young footballer's desire to play for his country, but what's the point if you're going to lose every game you ever attempt to compete in? How can losing 12-0 or 20-0 every time achieve anything?

As you may have guessed, I'm not a big fan of all things EU. Let's sack the whole thing and just have ourselves a Commonwealth Cup every four years, and invite the Gibs along to that instead.
It will be embarrasing having to ask the Spanish for our ball back.
Pillager said:
Or abandon The england team and have a team Gb like we do for the olympics.
So the EU Commission decides to let in all the waifs and strays, and England makes concessions to suit them? Fu*k that, we were here first... Why not just let any half decent Gib players choose between England or Spain, like the Channel Islands do? Why does every supposedly independent country need a football team anyway? It'll be the f*cking Vatican next.....
First step to recognition. Spain can hardly claim Sovereignty over Gib if its existence is formally acknowledged; perhaps by a formal sporting body. Next step; rather than be sold out by Britain a request to seceded on assurance of Sovereign Base rights.

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