Gibraltar Slams New 'Incursion' By Spanish Navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Generalissimo, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Gibraltar Slams New 'Incursion' By Spanish Navy - Defense News

    Time for a shot across the bows..
  2. What with.Two Sea Cadets in a Laser dinghy?
  3. Expect Tropper to be HALO-dropped into Madrid tomorrow with just a butter knife.
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  4. Knife!? Tropper don't need no steeeenkin knife.

    He'll simply swim up to the nearest Spanish vessel and chew through the hull.
  5. Mr D, you'll have to be specific.

    Ape-wise, do you mean Barbary or RAF Regiment?
  6. It'd go exactly the same way with either.
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  7. The clue was in the phrase "easy enough to train"

    The thought of any exertion would have the RAF Regt scattering like cockroaches ; )
  8. Barbary obviously. The RAF Regt won't be available for a night Op, as Oakleys can't be worn.
  9. It's not an original plan, we once discussed ramming an irate troop of rabid baboons up Paul Gadd's arse. The Baboon's weren't a problem, the arguments started over the TV rights.
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  10. Sounds like a job for Jim Shortt, dressed in a shiny new Horatio Hornblower outfit, to give the Daigos a damn good thrashing.
  11. Good to know the Spanish government have their priorities in order. Should we do something about our 20% unemployment or our dead on its feet economy? Nah **** it, lets go wind up the Brits :)
  12. Goverments tend to have difficulties with prioritising in general, glad it isn't just ours!
  13. Wasn't that how the Falklands started?
  14. Good point, maybe the MOD should be looking at this a little harder than they are. Could all kick off the day after Barca get thumped at Wembley...........
  15. You'd think that they had learnt from their Argentinian cousins