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Apologies if this has already been covered, I'm a raw recruit here.

I'm searching for which regiments were in Gibraltar in 1823 - let's say from 1815 to 1825.

My Great Great Great Grandmother (born in Scarborough, Yorks in 1795) was married to a soldier. My Great Great Grandmother was born in Cibrelton, Spain (also quoted as Gibraltar) in 1823 (so, presumably, GGG G'mother was living there as part of the Garrison).

By 1851 GGG G'mother was widowed and back in the UK living in Hartlepool with her daughter.
I haven't located them in the 1841 Census yet.

Is it likely that a (Yorkshire?) Regiment that was in Gibraltar in 1823 would still be there 'twenty' years later? How old would serving soldiers be? (ie by 1841 GGG Grandfather would be at least about 40)

I don't know the name (apart from surname) or rank of my GGG Grandfather or his place and DOB or whether he died 'in service'. I'm hoping that identifying the Regiment will enable me to undo the 'log-jam'.

Are there any Census records for Gibraltar?
What about Military records (including births)?
Can anyone explain 'Cibrelton'? Is it Spanish for Gibraltar? Sounds like it.
Not sure about Gibraltar, but in the Caribbean and India British regiments very often were on station for twenty year and more - so presumably those that survived the tropical diseases might well be in their 40s by the time the regiment moved on.

I think the 12th was one regiment in Gibraltar about that time. There must have been a lot of soldiers and sailors in various garrison "jobs" that were not actually on a specific regiment or ship's strength. Many of these must have been the ones to go native and marry locally.
Doing the same as you - researching Family...I found that buying copies of Birth and Wedding Certificates was a great help - it will give you names,as well as other family members - and hopefully find your GGGP's name also...and the dates are spot-on for marriages - but Births can be a little wayward - say 3 months or so...

Have you thought that maybe the RM's were there also ?
Iscoed said:
Have you thought that maybe the RM's were there also ?
Good call!

I haven't identified where or when the wedding was so far.
GG Grandmother was born in Gibraltar so her details aren't online in the UK . . .
Cibraltan looks like a transcription error, nothing more. The only thing that comes to mind is that it sounds a bit Germanic; maybe whoever told the relevant official had a bit of an accent. Ex-KGL maybe?

Now that has disappeared, this kind of thing is difficult.
Every search I do ends up with one of your queries, so hoperfully you'll find something soon.
Gib used to have some very interesting graveyards where I used to read up and dream from the epitaphs (yes, I know saddo but I was on foot patrol that went all the way round) The place to look is where things happened. Gib is quite a pleasant little place and the locals were always very friendly. Why not nip out there and have a shufti and a bot of digging into local records - newspaper archives etc.
Many thanks for the responses so far.
What I am hoping for is a contact that can enlighten me about the history of Gibraltar Garrison during the early 19th Century, including the provisions for wives and families.
It seems that my G-G-G Grandmother (from Scarborough, Yorks, UK) was in Gibraltar (at least for the birth of my G-G Grandmother in 1823) and it seems unlikely that it was a casual visit. So were spouses provided Married Quarters? This is commonplace today, but when did this begin? Was it, perhaps more likely that women 'followed their men' (as, I believe did occur - a least in earlier times).
My G-G Grandmother married a 'mariner' - though whether this occurred in Gibraltar or Hartlepool (where she was living with her widowed mother and her new baby in 1851) I haven't yet discovered (I've got a session on ancestry planned for this week).
The plot thickens (or not). Apart from the 'soldier' reference (and Gibraltar of course) there seems to be significant involvement with 'Marriners' (sic) and Scarborough.
I realise that this is an Army site, but I really need to access Gibraltar history around 1820 and find what regiments were based there. Anybody got any contacts?
Look here: Irish Freemasonry.htm

Scroll down, it'll give you a list of regiments present at Gibraltar for your period. It's only those with Irish Freemasonry warrants, so I've no idea how complete it is, but it should give you a start.

All the 14th, 15th, 19th, 33rd and 76th are mentioned, none of them around 1820. Those around in 1823 were the 27th (Inniskilling) and the 75th (Stirlingshire), plus the 7th Bn Royal Artillery. As mentioned before, your man may also have been a Marine on board any one of a hundred ships. If you had his name, that might point a little to Ireland/Scotland or somewhere inbetween...
Hmm . . .
1704-93, 1912-14
So only UP to 1793 and then from 1912-1914.
Required period is around 1823 . . .
Thanks anyway - I'm amazed that I cannot find information about Gibraltar a mere decade after the Napoleonic Peninsula War ended and eight years after Waterloo. I'd have thought that Gibraltar would have been key strategically and that therefore much would have been recorded about troop movements and deployments. If not contemporarily then historically, surely?
Is it because of the conflict(s) that no accounts are recorded? I'm no historian (I'm an engineer) but I'd have thought that such information would have 'sold' . . .
Gibraltar...Hartlepool? Eureka!
So there is a definite link between rock apes and monkey hangers! LOL
Me too, mate.
Born in British West Hartlepool but brought up on the South Coast.

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